Kallie and Bailey have been best friends for as long as they can remember, but kallie has a big secret! Her brother is liam Payne, from One Direction! But Kallie's not aloud to tell anyone, No matter how much she begs. She wants to tell her best friend before she finds out for herself, will Bailey get fed up with not knowing her best friends secret and find out herself? Or will Kallie tell Bailey herself, and break the rules?..Bailey also has a secret, but not one person knows..will she slip before Kallie and spill her secret or will Kallie burst and tell her everything before her?
Well I'd tell you but id give everything away! Just read and find out! cx


1. Chapter One

Kallie's Pov:
I walked downstairs to see the five boys i always see, except one, i see him everyday, mostly cause he's my brother. "morning boys.." I said. "Morning kallie." They said in unison. There was a knock at the door and the boys ran for Liam's room, yes Liam. My brother is Liam Payne from One Direction. But the said thing is that, i cant tell anyone. Even Bailey..shes not even aloud at my house. I walked outside and we ran to her house and got ready for school today. "So how come i havent been to your house?" Bailey asked. "Well, my house is a mess." I lied. "Oh.." She said, i cant believe she bought it. After school we went our seperate ways. I said bye and walked into my house. "Hi Liam." I said and sat down on the couch next to him. "Hey Kallie, and the answer is no. You can't tell Bailey that im your brother." Liam said. "Oh come on! She's really sweet and my best friend! Please just please lemme tell her!" I begged. Liam thought for a moment. "I'll think about it." He said. I texted bailey for a while until it was finally time to sleep.
Bailey's POV:
Why wont she tell me whats going on? Im her best friend! I havent even once been inside her house! It kinda hurt me. I heard a car door and i knew he was home. My dad walked in my room and i could already smell the alchohol on him. He punched and kicked for a while before he got bored and through me into the wall and letting my body hit the rock hard floor. He looked at me in disqust and left. He does this everynight. But the bruises go away really fast. I dont know how though. I got in bed and went to sleep.
Liam's POV:
The next day i woke up to Kallie sitting on me. "Kallie what do you want?" I asked. "Is it a yes?" She asked. "No, its a no." I said. She sighed and left for school. I chuckled. Bailey seems like a really sweet girl, yes. But i cant risk what might happen with their friendship. Who knows what could happen. After a long day in the studio i went back home and the boys tagged along. "Hi Liam." Kallie said. "Kallie, its a no!" I said which caused us to get into big argument and i sat down, still arguing until we heard someone clear their throat. I turned to see a beautiful girl with Brown hair and blue eyes and she looked Kallie's age, wearing ripped jean shorts, flats, and a Purple spaghetti strap. "Kallie, wanna explain?" She said.
Bailey's POV:
I got sick and tired of it! I wanna know whats so bad that Kallie cant tell me! I walked in and saw THE one direction! "Kallie wanna explain?" I said a bit hurt but only showing anger. "Bailey, you know you arent supposed to be in here.." Kallie said. "You know, we fight, yeah, we have our secrets, but just wow..." I said. "Hi im Liam, im Kallie's brother." Liam said. Then, thats where i snapped. My eyes watered and my hands started to shake a bit. "Her brother? said you were an only lied to me, and now this?...i thought we were best friends.." I said with a few tears falling. "Bae-" She started but i cut her off. "Never talk to me again!! You pushed my limit with the secrets!!! I HAVE ENOUGH WITH MY DAD HURTING ME EVERYNIGHT!!" I shouted. "What?.." They all said. "Yeah thats right, my dad hits me, but you know what, just stay out of it. Im not your best friend anymore, im your nothing." I said and walked out, slamming the door behind me. I realized i just told them my dad hits me..shiz. But, i couldnt help it! She keeps so many secrets from hurts!
Kallie's POV:
I started to cry. "Its okay Kallie, you guys will work it out." Louis said and hugged me. "No, i really lost her now.." I said. I could tell liam felt terrible. "Liam dont feel terrible, it wouldve happened either way. Whether i told her or not. She was right, i keep too many secrets from her." I said. Liam got up and walked out. I wonder where he's going?..
Liam's POV:
I felt terrible! Its my fault. I knocked on Bailey's front door, she opened the door and had tears falling, still, but it was less then before. "What?" She asked in a soft voice. "Please forgive Kallie!" I begged. "Why should i?" She asked her voice still soft. "Becase, she's your best friend, she never said anything because of me. I told her that she couldnt say a word about it." I said. Bailey looked away. "Liam, Kallie kept too many secrets, i was getting fed up." She said still a soft and sweet voice, but it was full of disapointment, sadness, anger, and she also sounded as if she was scared. I lightly turned her head to face me. "One Chance?" I asked.

okay end of this chapter. It took me like an everything happened in one chapter! Well gueeeesss what! I have two more hours to write! Yay! cx I love y'all (n/h) and i hope i can keep up with the writing, lovelies!
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