Only you

It is about a girl named Roxanne(Roxy) who meets her one and only! She loves him so much!! But one day they had a fight so she ran away and finding someone else tht would love her forever and ever and that is where our 5 boys come in...
The boys helps Roxanne with her life and listens to her story on what happened, then one of the boys falls in love with her and she falls in love with someone else in the band thou... And then those 2 boys fight!
But its up to you who it is


2. The lads

So i went and ran and ran it was cold i feel really bad its like im getting a cold achooo!! Oh gushh i feel really bad i will just sleep in this bench for a while.

Harry P.O.V
Ahhhh! Who are you? May i help you? You look bad? 'Hi im Roxanne, err no no i dont need help at all' she said. 'You look bad im helping you, come hurry up' i said. We walked together it looks like she has been soaked by the rain! Im going to buy her clothes. She looks beautiful. I think im falling in love with her.

Roxanne P.O.V
Err isnt Harry from one direction? Is it really Harry from onedirection? Thats helping me? Oh gosh im such a loser. "Err hey Harry, i dont need help seriously i can do this on my own" i said.
Oh Roxanne dont worry i know what im doing, he said
Oh fine waste your money on someone you dont know! I said. Who said im wasting my money on you? Harry said. -laughs- i laughed along with him as well. We have reached home, harry said. Kay bye, i said. Harry turned around and said no stay live with us for a while until u find ur home. I said okay but i think i will never want to go back!! Harry looked surprise.

Niall P.O.V
Harry who's that girl i said. He didnt reply.. That is so unusual is he ignoring me? No i shouldnt think like that, its that just he is with a lovely girl that i think im falling in love with

Zayn P.O.V
Whoaa, that girl is beautiful. She is amazing, isnt she lovely?
Im going to impress her.

Louis P.O.V
Ahh. A beautiful girl a perfect girl for a perfect guy like me!

Liam P.O.V
Wow! She is the type of girl i would want to sneak out, wait i will just tuck her in its bad sneaking out.. :/
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