Only you

It is about a girl named Roxanne(Roxy) who meets her one and only! She loves him so much!! But one day they had a fight so she ran away and finding someone else tht would love her forever and ever and that is where our 5 boys come in...
The boys helps Roxanne with her life and listens to her story on what happened, then one of the boys falls in love with her and she falls in love with someone else in the band thou... And then those 2 boys fight!
But its up to you who it is


5. The end!

Zayn P.O.V
Guys we are dating! Me and Roxanne! Be happy for me.. Harry just punched me and so did everyone. What is happening?

Roxanne P.O.V
Dont hurt him, please we r going back to the airport and leave we are going to England for the tour we know its next week but we want to go their early so we can have sometime alone.

Zayn P.O.V
Its true, now please stop we r going now. Byee lads.

The end read my next book that will be published probably next month to continue this book. If u want to know what happened next read my next book!
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