Only you

It is about a girl named Roxanne(Roxy) who meets her one and only! She loves him so much!! But one day they had a fight so she ran away and finding someone else tht would love her forever and ever and that is where our 5 boys come in...
The boys helps Roxanne with her life and listens to her story on what happened, then one of the boys falls in love with her and she falls in love with someone else in the band thou... And then those 2 boys fight!
But its up to you who it is


1. Fights

Roxanne P.O.V
Jacob has acting weird, does he still love me? Does he have someone else? He is kept staring at his phone like waiting for someone to reply. Ok im thinking wrong! 'Hey Jacob' i say 'whats up?'
Jacob just stood like nothing happened that he is trying to avoid me. 'JACOB!' I shouted he seemed angry, i couldve left him alone!! 'STOP!!' He said
I didnt do anything... I guess he really doesnt have feelings for me.. 5 minutes later he scratched me with a knife! Blood dripping down my face. I dont know what has got into him, what did i do? Besides shouting his name out loud but thats no harm!

Jacob P.O.V
I scratched her face with a knife! What am i doing? Something is wrong with me, but i hate her she cares too much thats what she gets for being an annoying mutt! Why wont she jut mind her own business! She has got a problem. 'Roxanne, make dinner im hungry' i shouted, but i dont hear foot steps is she kidding me? What is she doing?
Roxanne P.O.V
I hear him say make dinner but i dont want to go, i hear foot steps its getting closer and closer. Then i saw the window, im running away i dont care if its raining im still going! Im going im running away! Before i get hurt! I feel cold im thinking about Jacob getting me and hurting me again if he finds me!
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