Only you

It is about a girl named Roxanne(Roxy) who meets her one and only! She loves him so much!! But one day they had a fight so she ran away and finding someone else tht would love her forever and ever and that is where our 5 boys come in...
The boys helps Roxanne with her life and listens to her story on what happened, then one of the boys falls in love with her and she falls in love with someone else in the band thou... And then those 2 boys fight!
But its up to you who it is


4. Dating

Zayn P.O.V
Me and Roxanne were making out! Should i invite her to my bath, yeh i would
Roxanne, i said then she said yeh? Want to take a bath with me, i asked.
She said sure... I was surprised but it was her my true love! So she hops on bath with me and we started kissing each other like there is no tomorrow. This was amazing she was touching my dick And i was touching her boobs. It was big as! And she's got that ass. She is the girl of my dreams. She was so amazing. I dont know if she knows that.

Roxanne P.O.V
Wow... He likes me, he invited me to a bath and touching my boobs. And my ass. Gee he is hot. Those abs are just killing me. What is he? A killer? XD well he is the type of guy i like! So we both get out of bath. Sharing one towel he decides to get my clothes for me. So i said then get my clothes.

ZAyn P.O.V
Wow her clothes that Harry bought are hot. But i will pick the hottest obe ooh these are.
a top that has a zipper going across and down. Thts hot. And shorts.

Roxanne P.O.V
Wow these clothes are way too sexy. Still i will wear this. So i put it on. Zayn is just staring at me put it on, he seems amazed with my clothes. Ahaha. So i start kissing him.
We both go down and everyone was staring at me with my clothes . I forgot to zip all the way up but who cares.
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