Zoey,Harry,Meredith Part 2!The boy next door!

This I the squel to Zoey and Harry forever forever!It has been 14 years later!Meredith is 14 and There's a new boy next door!Will they fall in love with each other or will they just be friends?Read and you'll find out in Zoey,Harry,Meredith Part 2!The boy next door!


8. :-(

Meredith's P.O.V.

I went upstairs brushed my teeth,flossed,went into the shower.I got out blow dryer my hair.Curled my hair,putted it in a bun,putted a little bit of make-up,little bit of lip gloss,threw on a hat.Putted on lotin,purfume,that stuff you put under your arm pits,threw on a black dress,black shoes,black stockings,and black umbrella.Me,Niall,and my mom drove to my dads funeral.We got out and shared the umbrella,cause its raining,The prist said his prays and how such a great guy he was.I went up to the coffin and putted 4 white roses on top,while everyone else putted red roses on top.After the funeral people were saying like I'm so sorry for your lost,his in a better world,he was a great man,or something else.Niall drove us home.I kissed Niall,and said goodbye and walked my mom into the house,my mom was only 40.I went inside and went into the shower.After that I whipped the make-up off that was left,took my earring,necklace,bracelt,and ring away.Undid my hair,and threw on my 100% silk poleaster nikgown.Got on some socks and slippers.My mom "Hey honey I have to go to a buiseness trip,I'll be back in 3 weeks."she said while walkin out the door.I ate dinner an watched the news.

*8 months later*

I was still in my room,crying and staying in my room.Like Bella did in New moon.But I stayed in my room for 8 months,I did go downstairs to eat and all.Niall have been calling and texting me,but I wouldn't answer.My mom died on her trip.So I had no one.I was soon diagnosed with depression.I had nobody.I haven't been talking to nobody,hanging out,I wasn't even talking anymore.I woke up at 6:00 am,I toke a shower.Got out putted on panies,a gray shirt,gray sweatpants,slippers,gray jacket,and I looked like a mess.Niall came over and instead of knocking he walked in."Meredith I know your mom an dad died,but you do have somebody,you have me."He said."But,I am diagnosed with depression."I said to him.He looked shocked."I didn't know honey."He said."Please,please can I move in,I'll help you get thur this,I'll make you feel better."He said while kissing me."Okay honey."I said to Niall.
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