Zoey,Harry,Meredith Part 2!The boy next door!

This I the squel to Zoey and Harry forever forever!It has been 14 years later!Meredith is 14 and There's a new boy next door!Will they fall in love with each other or will they just be friends?Read and you'll find out in Zoey,Harry,Meredith Part 2!The boy next door!


6. Uh-oh:-(Niall cheating on me!:-(

Nialls P.O.V

I slimmed her around I circles,we danced all night long!I felt like I knew her 4 the rest of my life!:-)She was pretty,kind,cute,strong,brave,sexy,uderstanding,and is popular!I kissed her a couple of times -x

Sorry about this one for being short:/(
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