Zoey,Harry,Meredith Part 2!The boy next door!

This I the squel to Zoey and Harry forever forever!It has been 14 years later!Meredith is 14 and There's a new boy next door!Will they fall in love with each other or will they just be friends?Read and you'll find out in Zoey,Harry,Meredith Part 2!The boy next door!


3. The sleepover date:-)

Nialls P.O.V.

I felt like I knew her like forever!I was Hal she was sleepover!I just wanted to get to know her better and kiss those beautulful lips of hers!"Hey wanna take a shower and then we can talk?"I asked her."Okay I will be right back!"She said while making me want to take a shower with her but I can't I don't know her!Lol.*15 minutes later*Finally she came out o the bathroom!Man did she look hot!

Meredith's P.O.V.

I got out of the shower,brushed my teeth,curled my hair,putted o make-up,applied lip gloss,Putted on my nightgown!And went over to Niall!Niall asked me a lot of questions and I asked him a lot of questions!Niall took off his short teasing me!So I took off my short teasing him even more!and theme I putted back on my shirt!"Your such a tease!"He said.I kisse him "Now we just meet so no!"I said."You wanna be my gf!"He asked while kissing me."Sure"I said.We started to kiss,he tryed slipping his tinge thur mine,so I let him,our tongues met!I ran my fingers thur his hair!I got up and said "Not tonight!"I said.While getting up and putting in a romatic movie in!Atcthe end of the movie,we stated to talk,joke around,kiss,my life,and his life!I told him" I love you!"I said trying to cover my mouth.He uncoverd my hand and kissed me and said "I love you too!"He said and within a few secs we both fell asleep!
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