Zoey,Harry,Meredith Part 2!The boy next door!

This I the squel to Zoey and Harry forever forever!It has been 14 years later!Meredith is 14 and There's a new boy next door!Will they fall in love with each other or will they just be friends?Read and you'll find out in Zoey,Harry,Meredith Part 2!The boy next door!


9. Getting better:-)

Meredith's P.O.V.

*6 weeks later*

I was soon getting better and better.Niall and me were married.I was pregnant!I had the baby yesturday,his name is Toby."Toby,Daddy and Mommy love you so much,they wanna bake you into a cookie."I sang to him while Toby was giggling.Toby had brown hair,blue eyes,smile like Nialls,freckles like me,rosey cheeks like me,and had a sparkle in his eyes like Niall.I putted Toby in a a cute black shirt,black pants,diper,socks,shoes,and a hat."Mommy and Daddy!"Toby said.That was his first words!!"NIALL TOBY SAID HIS FIRST WORDS!"I said smiling.Niall ran into Toby's room (right next to our room) and Toby said "Mommy and Daddy!"Toby said even more cuter!I gave Niall a kiss on the lips and I gave Toby a kiss on the cheek.I went into the bathroom while Niall watched the baby.I went into the shower.I got out blow dryed my hair.Putted on lotin,perfume,make-up,little bit of lip gloss,putted my hair in a right side ponytail,brushed my teeth,flossed,putted on a blue dress the front up high up,the back was hanging low,putted on white skinny jeans,white heels,a white hat,black necklace,red and purple bracelt,red loop earrings,and a red ring.I went downstairs,grabbed my white and black purse,putted in my iPod in my purse,with my little notebook,little small Lend pencils,a mirror,and some make-up.I got my eyes and drove my mustang to the doctors,the doctor "Hey....Meredith your doing really good,your much better,and your not diagnosed with depersion anymore!"He said."bye."we both said.I got into my car pulled down my window,turned on the radio,putted on my bukle,and started the car and went home.Niall was sitting on the couch,"Niall where is Toby?"I asked him."His up in bed."He said while kissing me.
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