Behind the Bushes

A Summer Heights High story please like/favourite/comment and i luv Leon from the tv series Summer Heights High


3. Why was Mr Peterson looking at me?


“Ok so this is Kaitlyn,” Jess said, to me, gesturing to a skanky girl with long blonde hair.

All I could think was skank but I said, “hi.” Waving back at her while pushing the stray strand of hair out of my face.

“Bec.” She said, pointing to an Asian. A skanky, bogan Asian. I thought as I waved cutely.

“And Holly.” She said and I looked at her with disgust. She looked so emo I could so tell that she was a skanky, attention seeking bogan.

“Are you emo?” I asked her and she pouted.

“Sorry its just cause, like, I cant tell the difference between povo’s.” I said as I flipped my hair over to my other shoulder.

She looked hurt and I smiled. The whole lunch we were taking photos and talking about the cute boys.

“Who’s That?” I asked, after the second half bell rang, and we had just taken a really hot photo, pointing at the man staring at me from behind the bushes.

“Oh that’s Mr. Peterson. Maybe you should go over and talk to him.” Holly said, with a slight sound of mischief in her voice, but he’s a teacher, what’s the deal?

I couldn’t hear the giggles of Holly, Bec and Kaitlyn as I walked over to him.

He had a look of hunger on his face, though I wasn’t surprised, working at a school must waste a lot of energy.

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