Behind the Bushes

A Summer Heights High story please like/favourite/comment and i luv Leon from the tv series Summer Heights High


5. What happened?


He unbuckled his pants, “just some fun time, you slut, you like it anyway.”

“No!” I shouted before he clamped his hand on my mouth and did the unthinkable.


Holly's P.O.V

“OMG god, did you see that? He like pulled her into the bushes.” Bec said and the girls looked at each other.

“Oh no.” they said and they ran off to the principal.

^^^Time passing^^^

“Over here,” Bec said, leading the principal over to the bushes.

“Can you tell me what happened?” She asked and the girls looked at each other,

“Well, she walked over to the bushes and someone pulled her in, that’s when we got you.” Holly said innocently and she nodded.

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