Behind the Bushes

A Summer Heights High story please like/favourite/comment and i luv Leon from the tv series Summer Heights High


1. Only the beginning for Miraedee


Inspired after watching a marathon of Summer Heights High, enjoy:


Miraedee Jones, a girl from the north. Wealthy, beautiful and smart causing her to be “the one most likely to achieve.”


After her parents nasty breakup, and her mother moving right next to the school of Summer Heights High, she was forced to transfer schools.


After moving in to their two-storey house, equip with a pool and spa. She was ready to attend her first day of Summer Heights High.


The povo’s of povo’s lived here, she thought as she put on her lip-gloss for her first day of school. Her long, straight blonde hair was out, shaping her heart shaped face. Her bright blue eyes stood out against her black mascara and eyeliner. Her pink lip-gloss covered her full lips as she smacked them together to give the extra “affect.”


She sighed as she entered the front gate of the school, and went off to her desired classes.

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