Behind the Bushes

A Summer Heights High story please like/favourite/comment and i luv Leon from the tv series Summer Heights High


2. "Hey ur hot come sit with us"


In the middle of science, as she sat at the back of the class playing on her phone a girl with short, straight blonde hair walked up to her and sat next to her.

“Your new here aren’t you?” she asked and Miraedee looked up, from her phone.

She was texting Ja’ime King, one of her best friends from Hillford Girls.

“Yes, and you are?” Miraedee asked and the girl smiled.

“Jess and your name is?”


Jess sat next to Miraedee for the rest of the lesson and they talked and laughed like best friends.

“Hey do you know your hot, come sit with us.” Jess said, twirling her short blonde hair around her finger, as the lunch bell rang and Miraedee smiled.

“Of course” and they set off to the rest of the group.

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