I still love you

we promised we would countinue where we left off but he broke that promise


1. our promise

Laurens P.O.V

we both sit there looking into each others eyes. I feel like we are the only two people in the world he leans closer our faces inches away he kisses my lips softly. We break apart and he looks deep in to my eyes i have butterflies in my stomatch . "i love you Lauren'' Liam whispered.I kiss him "i love you too" whispering back.

I cant believe how lucky i am rite now knowing that i am loved by this wonderful guy. "Lauren" Liam says looking a bit upset."whats wrong?" i say a little worried. "im supposed to be leaving next week for X-Factor but i feel like a i will break your heart" Liam says looking like someone just broke his heart."I want you to go Liam i know you will make it, your talented and when you get back from winning we will continue were we left off" i said looking strate into his big brown eyes.

Liam's P.O.V

She says we will countinue were we left off i et a bitt happier because knowin that she will wait for me proves that she does love me. I look at her beautiful curly brown hair and her sparkling green eyes i can help but smile and say "do you promise" leanning closer to her as she says "I promise." slowly i kiss her lips soflty and i feel like nothing can break us apart."


Authors Note : hey guys hope you like the first chapter. sorry if it a little rough and short but it my first movella. I will try to update every other day

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