I thought you loved me

Alison, a model, is going thought hard times with her abusive boyfriend. She thought life was never going to get better until world famous Harry Styles came into her life!


2. Do I Know You?

I slid the omlet straight from the frying pan and onto his plate.

"this tastes like ass" he said taking a bite.

I ignored him and but my ONE piece bathing suit on and shorts and a tank top over. I went to the bathroom and took my make up bag on the counter. I put foundation on which only partly covered up the bruise. Next blush, and after that it just looked like i had a little extra make up on where the bruise is. I did my eyes and my lips and went out to Tyler who was walking over to me the plate. he slammed it into my ribs and went to go change. I Grabbed a flat icepack and saw the bruise already forming. I put the plate in the dishwasher and grabbed a bag with my wallet and a towel in it. I got the keys and went to get Tyler. He was dressed and came right behind me.

" Do you want to drive?" i asked

"No!" he said like i should have known the answer, and i probably should have.

I got in the drivers seat and turned the ignition. Tyler rolled down the window and stuck his feet out and leaned his head back. When we were almost there i tapped on Tylers shoulder. He jumped and punched my arm.

" I was sleeping!" He yelled and stuck his feet back in. I rolled up his window.

"we are like five minutes away." I said quietly.

He ignored me and i parked the  car in the parking lot by the beach. We got out and i grabbed my bag and locked the car and put the keys in the bottom of the bag. Tyler ran down. Why is he so excited. I knew the answer right when i saw all his friends with drinks in there hands and Tyler opening one. Tyler ignored me until after his third beer and they were going into the water. He came over and started striping my tank top and shorts off and grabbed my hand and started pulling me. I hesitated but decided he would do more harm if i did. We played around in the freezing ocean until i could feel my lips turning blue. i slowly got out, Tyler following right behind. I grabbed my towel not seeing my wallet fall out. I dried off and lied in the warm sand.

I could see Tyler was going to pass  out  soon so i put my towel back in the bag and dragged him to the car. We got in the car and when we were about half way home my cell phone rang. By this time Tyler was sleeping. I answered the phone.

"Hello?" I said holding my I phone 5 up to my ear.

"Umm, hi," I heard a familiar British accent say.

"Who is this?" I asked.

"Aaaa, I found you wallet on the beach and youi had buisness cards in it so i called..."

"Oh, my god, I lost my wallet." i looked though my bag. " Could we meet somewhere tomorrow?"

" Yeah how about starbucks at 4:00?" He confermmed.

"Sounds good! See you then, by the way, my names Alison."

"Harry." He said hanging  up the phone.

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