tonight lets get some

this story is so good that it doesn't need an introduction ;)


5. the music up

Niall's POV

We were standing there, Mia still on my back waiting for who ever was in the car to get out. Finally the door open, Mia's heart was beating faster than my car could go, and mine was too. The person in the car got out. He had a black hoodie on and we couldn't see his face. He walked down to where we were, and all the boys were next to us. Mia got off my back and came around to my side, and I put my arm around her and pulled her close. Harry was holding Liam's hand, and Zayn was holding Louis. I don't know why they were doing that... Maybe just so they could be like me and Mia? As the person got closer I slowly realised who it was. He came closer and closer, then he finally took off his hood and we could see who he was.

"Simon!" I yelled and ran up to hug him. The rest of the boys joined me. 

"Get off!" Simon said as he laughed. 

"You scared the hell out of us! We thought it was either a crazy fan, or a killer. Ha ha. Never do that again!" I said with a smile on my face. I looked over at Mia. She was just standing there awkwardly. 

"Oh crap, I totally forgot. Simon this is Mia, my girlfriend." I said as I kissed her on the forehead. Simon shook her hand and then we all walked up to the house.

"So boys I bet you're wondering why I'm here?" Simon said while Mia got him a drink.

"Not really," Louis said. 

"Right, well I just wanted to remind you all that this tour is a big one, and I also wanted to tell you that I talked it over with management, and they said they are willing to let you all have one person each to come on tour with you so that you don't miss home too much." Simon explained. I was so happy. I already knew who I was going to take. Mia would love America, Australia and New Zealand. I just knew it.

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