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2. hey girl I'm waiting on ya

*** AUTHORS NOTE *** Sorry to do an authors note, and trust me I hate them, but I just wanted to say thank you for your feed back and I'll try to update more and more. Maybe even daily. Love you guys!!


Amelia's POV

I walked down into the kitchen to get some breakfast, and there he was, looking better than ever. My new boyfriend. 

"Hey Babe, want some toast?" He offered me, I nodded and sat down. He had a huge grin on his face and I knew he was up to trouble. 

"What's up with you?" I joked. He laughed.

"I just have a little surprise planned. No hints. You'll see soon enough." I smiled. Of course. This is typical Niall. Surprises, Surprises. I didn't beg for any hints, because I knew I couldn't break him. Instead I just read the paper and ate my toast. 

Eventually the rest of our family walked in. I think they knew about Niall and I, and about the surprise. Oh well, I knew it was no use getting flustered about it. I'd find out soon and then it would be all good. 

I walked up to my room after breakfast to get ready for where ever we were going. I started sorting through my clothes when Niall walked in. He closed the door behind him and came close to me.

"I know we've only been together since last night, but it feels like so much longer than that. Maybe it's because I've known you all my life. I'm not too sure, but it does not feel like just one night." He whispered. I agreed, and I leaned in for a kiss. This was perfect. It sounds stupid because we hadn't even been going out for one day, but I totally agree and feel what Niall said. It feels like we've been dating for years. I just can't believe I was finally dating him. Perfect.


Niall's POV

I'm glad Mia (my pet name for her) didn't ask for any clues. It made it easier to keep it a secret. I just couldn't believe how this amazing girl became my girlfriend. And why I hadn't done it sooner. 

We got ready to go, and I didn't even get a good look at her until we were in the car. She looked beautiful, perfect. I secretly packed a weeks worth of clothes for both of us just in case she liked where we we're going. 


Amelia's POV

We drove for atleast two hours. I had no clue where we were or where we were going. It wasn't an awkward drive at all. He held my hand the whole way and we talked about all the good old times we used to have as kids. When we finally got there, I was speechless. There was a beautiful beach and beach house and no one was there at all. I looked at Niall and he was smiling his little Irish face off. It was amazing. 

"Is this just for us?" I managed to say.

"Yep. I rented out the whole beach just for us. And we can stay as long or as little as you like." He replied. I was speechless. My boyfriend of only one day had already done all of this for me! Perfect.. Absolutely perfect. 

I helped him unpack everything and get some food ready. He was always eating that boy. We sat down on the beach and watched the tide come in. He was drinking a beer and I just had some Coke. He looked over at me and smiled. 

"Mia, I really wish I asked you out ages ago. Because this is perfect." I smiled.

"I wish you did too. I just hope it stays like this..." I replied. He held my hand, kissed me on the forehead.

"It will babe. It will." he whispered.


Niall's POV

I woke up to the smell of bacon. I jumped out of bed straight away and ran to the kitchen. 

"This is why you're my girlfriend." I joked, hugged her and kissed her on the forehead. 

"Very funny, but this is my bacon, you want some get some yourself." 

"You're mean." I said stealing some bacon, "Pleaseeeeeee make me some?" 

"Fine, have this, I'll make more." She laughed.

"Just wait until you see what I have planned for you today," I managed to say with my mouth full of bacon. 

"You know you don't have to win me over now right? You don't have to go through all this trouble for me, I'm just as happy to have a home day with you." She replied, sitting down with me now.

"Alright, I'll cancel our plans and we can have a nice relaxing day at the beach, how does that sound?" 

"Sound's perfect babe." She replied before stealing a piece of my bacon.


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