tonight lets get some

this story is so good that it doesn't need an introduction ;)


3. come on and let me sneak you out.

Amelia's POV

After our bacon filled breakfast, I went to clean our bedroom and get ready. All of a sudden I remembered something. Niall was meant to be going on tour tomorrow. I rushed out and told him.

"Don't worry babe, our actual tour doesn't start for two weeks, and management said that I can only have up until then off. So we still have two weeks. Relax." He told me. I was glad. I wasn't really ready to give my boyfriend up already. I went back to our room and finished getting ready. By the time I came back out, Niall was already in the water. 


Niall's POV

I was already in the water when she came out, but wow she looked beautiful. She was wearing a bikini and I honestly didn't realise what a good figure she has. i got out of the water and met her halfway. 

"Wow babe." I said. She smiled.

"Last one in is a rotten egg!" She yelled and ran into the water. I chased after her and we both dived into the waves.

Eventually we got out, and she hopped on my back and I gave her a piggy-back ride back to the house. We were both having a great laugh. When I put her down on the sand, I moved real close to her and held her hand, she looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes, and bit her lip. I knew what that meant. I leaned in and kissed her. I still got butterflies. She went and put some music on and we got lunch ready. 

Amelia's POV

I love kissing him. I could do it all day if I could. But I loved just being in his arms more. He was always warm, and I always felt so safe there. For years I'd always go running to him when I was scared, and he'd open his arms and I'd sit there in them. Cuddling him helped me through most of my childhood. He was always there. No matter what happened. I had a pretty rough childhood. Niall was the only one who was there for me.. I actually lived with Niall's family. My parent's both passed away when I was 7. So ever since then Niall has been my family. I have a brother, but I've never met him because Mum put him up for adoption when he was born because she was only 16 at the time. Niall's family welcomed me into their home, and became my family. Niall and I were best friends, and I think they always knew we'd end up together. I remember when we were 10. He gave me a ring and told me that he wanted to marry me someday. We both still wear them. It was the cutest thing up until now.

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