tonight lets get some

this story is so good that it doesn't need an introduction ;)


4. and have a celebration

*** AUTHORS NOTE *** I totally forgot to tell you guys where they are! here's a little back story!

When One Direction finished xfactor and started recording, his family (including Amelia) decided to move to London so that Niall could visit more often and so that he would still see them. So they are in the uk right now. :) enjoy. and also, if you have any ideas for the story, just comment them or somehow tell me :) xoxoxo


Niall's POV

Mia was staring off into the distance, and I really wanted to know what she was thinking about. She's been through a lot, and I wasn't sure what went through her head majority of the time. I wanted to help her, but most of the time I didn't know how. So I'd just open my arms and hold her. I felt bad for leaving her to go and do xfactor, and then the tour and I really didn't want to leave her again so soon. 

"What's up beautiful?" She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. 

"I'm just remembering all our old times and how you'd help me through them... You know they never found the killer of mum and dad... Which is weird because normally they would of." She replied, I could see in her eyes how much losing her parents still hurt her. I stared into her eyes, pulled her close and hugged her. I kissed her on the forehead.

"Oh well babe, they'll find him eventually. I was remembering all those old times too. I was wondering if you maybe wanted the rest of the boys to join us? Only for a couple of days, but just so it's not too quiet." I winked. She laughed.

"Yeah sure, that will be fun. I've never really met them though. Do you think they'll like me?" She replied looking up at me. How could anyone not like her? She is the most perfect person to walk this earth. I told the boys so much about her, and they've always wanted to meet her.

"Of course they will. But I warn you, they can get pretty wild. But they're fun. I'll give them a call now? They're in London so it won't take to long." I replied pulling out my phone and calling Styles. Mia got up and walked into the house, she came back out with more drinks while I was on the phone to Harry.

"Yeah Haz, You take that exit, then turn right. Yeah that's the one. Harry ask Lou, he knows where it is. Haha. Yeah okay, well I'll call the rest of the boys. Okay Haz see you soon. Bye" 

She was laughing her head off. I wasn't quite sure why, she was looking behind me, I turned around and saw all of the boys. 

"Were you lads spying on us?" I got up and asked.

"Maaaaybe." Zayn said with a smirk. I tackled him to the ground and we were having a great laugh. When I suddenly realised I hadn't introduced Mia. Crap. I thought and jumped up. I wrapped my arm around her.

"Lads this is my girl Amelia, or Mia. She's mine got it?" I said with a smirk. But I knew the boys would like her. I mean who wouldn't? Her hair always fell perfectly on her shoulders. Her eyes were as blue as the ocean and you could see right into her soul. She was perfect. Take my word for it. She's mine and I'd do anything to keep her. I'd worked 19 years to get her. I wasn't just going to give it up.

They all hugged and the she came back to me and wrapped her arms around me. I saw Lou look straight at the water and I nodded at him. He bolted into it and went diving into the waves. The rest of us joined him. We had a great time in the water. We were all laughing and Mia was on my back. All of a sudden a car pulled up. We all stopped and got out of the water. Mia was still on my back. We were all waiting to see who was here. I could hear Mia's heart beating. She was petrified. I was too...

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