My life!

It's about this girl named Meredith!She does not like 1D!Shes not a fan of them,she doesn't like them at all,and she hates their music.What happens when her mom gets a job as 1Ds manager?Will she fall in love with Zayn or will she just push him away?Find out in My life!


2. Meting 1D:-(

Meredith's P.O.V.

My mom invite 1D over,Why did she have to do that?I texted Amber:

Meredith:Just arrived at the new house in London:-(

Amber:Good luck!

I turned off my iPod and went downstairs and then bam,I saw them just starring at me!The one names Zayn I think said "Hey love,what's wrong?"He asked me."What's wrong,hmm idk,well my mom is a manger of 1D,which I hate them,hate their music,and hate their songs!"I said to Zayn while trying to cover my mouth!"Meredith be nice to Zayn!Just because you don't like 1D doesn't mean you have to be mean to them!"My mom said while Zayn looking shocked."I just came down here for a snack that's it!"I said

Zayns P.O.V.

How does she not like us!?!But when I saw her she look beautulful!She had brown pretty eyes,blonde pretty hair,but she didn't like our music,hated our band,and hated us!"Hey Meredith,why don't you like us?"I asked her."Hmm idk,maybe cause you guys think your perfect!But I just don't like you guys,sorry!"She said looking up at me!

Toby's P.O.V.

Today is my first time at collage!

Harry's P.O.V.

When Zayn told me Liam,and Louis that Meredith didn't like us,hated our band,and hated our music!I was shocked!

Meredith's P.O.V.

I never had feelings for Zayn and the band,Icjust wanted to go to sleep!But no!Zayn was in my way!"Meredith,If you didn't like us,why did you come down?"He asked me.When I looked over his shoulders were Niall,Harry,Louis,and Liam!Ughh"Cause I was hungry!"I told him while pushing him to the side!
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