live while were young

sarah is a good friend of the boys... niall, zayn and sarah will be the principal person in this story... a new relationship will appear and it will change sarah's life


1. new love

It's Monday and it's a snowy day. You are in a park and there's nobody. You are the biggest fan of one direction and you are also friend with them... Zayn live just beside your house. you never see him because he's always on tour. you didn't notice that someone just sit beside you because you were listening to your music. when you look at the person you just realise that it was zayn... You were so happy! he say "hey gorgeous it's makes a long time!" "yeah but you are never at your house so..."  "wanna hang out tonight with the boy and i?" "sure!" "i'm gonna be at your house at 7:00pm" he said. "ok see ya later zayn". when you just finish to talk he was already gone. you walk really fast to your house. you are so exited! you run upstair. you can't choose which dress that you're gonna wear. a blue or a pink dress... after 10min you choose the pink one. it was 7:10pm and niall wasn't there. you go see at his house if someone was there. nobody at his house. you call him on his phone:
-"hey zayn it's sarah, where are you?"
-"i'm coming in a minute... i'm at louis's house"
-"okay, i'll wait bye!"
it was 7:45 and he still not there. you don't panic because the lads always take their time. someone knock at your door house. when you open it, you see zayn with a bouquet of roses. you kiss him on the cheeks and you go immediately in the car. all the boys was smiling and they all start to talk to you. you saw that niall wasn't feeling good at all so you just take his hand and smiling at him. he was smiling at you with little star in his eyes. he was so happy! when you were arrive to the restaurant, you immediately go see niall... "hey niall what wrong? huh i know you don't feel right..." he was looking at you with a little smile and say "i love a girl but i don't know if she love me... she's so beautiful and perfect". you don't know what to say so you hug him tightly and go inside the restaurant. everybody knows that niall likes to eat so he take a lot of food. all the other boys were quiet and zayn ask: "so sarah, are you in love with someone?" "yeah..." you say shyly. "he's such a good person... i know he love someone but i don't know who" Harry say: "please sarah, what's his name... do we know him?" "yeah you know him! he's one of our good friend"... the boys were all confuse


when you were out of the restaurant, niall and liam were discussing about the mysterious girl that niall love. you were talking with louis, zayn and liam about their tour. someone took your arm slowly and take you away from the boys. it was liam... liam say to you: "sarah, niall what to talk to you alone" "great! where is he?!" "he's in the car" you immediately go in the car. "sarah... i need to tell you something important..." you seat near him and he start to talk... : "sarah i know you from the beginning of x-factor! you are such a good friend... i see zayn at your door... he give you a bouquet and you kiss him on the cheeks..." "Niall! what are you trying to tell me huh!?" "well, last year zayn tell me that he had a crush on you... but not anymore. i'm in love with you..." " awn nialler :$ we know each other for a long time! i love you too but just like best friend..." "i know it's hard for you niall to tell this but be patient, we never know what can happen..." you kiss him on the cheeks slowly and hug him for almost 3minutes. 


you were in your bed and you can stop thinking about niall and zayn... zayn had a crush on you last year and now it's niall. since the beginnig, you have a little crush on niall... you find him so adorable, sensitive and cute. to know that he have a crush on you change all the ideas that you have on him... niall is scared that you have a crush on zayn because you are really food friend with him. but he's just a friend, only a friend...
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