Why me

I want to warn you before i start this story.this story is completely fake none of the places or people in this story are not real.but take this this story to heart cause this is based off of what happens in everyday life.here you go.enjoy


1. The beginning

Hello my name Isabelle and I'm a patient at the tellers mental hospital.the reason I'm at the hospital because I tried to commit suicide. See I'm bullied and people just don't understand me. I just want to tell people my feelings but I don't have anybody to tell. My mom was killed by a drunk driver and my dad left cause of money issues. I regret the days that I was at school and I get bullied. I have no friends or family to rely on it sucks there is no reason for me to live. It wasn't the first time I've friend to commit suicide it was just the first time I've gotten caught.
I wish I could just be a different person but its not like that. Somedays I wake up crying cause of the pain of the cuts and scars. I don't know why people don't seem to like me, they all to like the fake person with the rich parents and the fancy cars. Well I don't care about them it's my fault I could of grown up rich but I didn't. I'm so stupid why can't I get any right.why why me out of people why couldn't I have been one of the people with friends why why.
People don't understand me they just don't I could be fun if somebody showed me what fun was. I wish I knew. I always see people having fun with their friends. I always see people with boyfriends or girlfriends. It's not fair life is not fair. Like my dad told me before he left life sucks then you die. That's what I but my faith in that you die that's all you die
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