The Crush

Avalene (Ava) meets a Irish cutie who makes her life happy but at times helps Sophia (her enemy) drive her into the ground... They call it a crush because someone always gets hurt... Right?


2. Think you could walk on such a thin line

The next day I woke up, my alarm clock didn't go off? It was only four thirty... But I wasn't tired. I decided to get ready now, I jumped in the shower. I was gonna make myself look pretty today. I use a little but of every shampoo, body wash, and conditioner that I owned. I probably smelt like a bag of fruit snacks. I shaved my legs while lip singing to 'mistake' by Demi Lovato (my all time favorite song by Demi). I guess I got caught off guard while lip singing because I accidentally cut my leg. "Shit!" I yelled, I grabbed a wash cloth and covered it. Do you know how bad hurts getting a razor cut with soap in it? At least the music probably covered me yelling a cuss word. Oh and um, so much for looking pretty, I was gonna wear my favorite floral dress but now I have to wear jeans. I got out of the shower and dried my burning cut on my leg first.  I then patched it with a bandaid. I brushed through my hair, probably awkwardly smelling each strand (I'm addicted to fruit smells, and my shampoos are fruity) . When I finished I looked in the mirror, god I'm ugly naked. I laughed at my thought and walked out of the bathroom. I blow dried and straightened my silly brown hair (EVERY LAST STRAND), then I started to do makeup and clothes and so on. I put on my red, quarter sleeved, crop shirt. I then scooted on a a pair of dark blue skinny jeans with my black toms (the only ones I own without holes in it). After that I moved on to accessories. I put on a silver owl necklace that had red, white, and black feathers coming out the bottom of it. Clipped on my diamond earrings and my stay strong charm bracelet. Makeup time- Thick coats of lash blast by maybe line on my eyelashes, added with top eyeliner and half way bottom eyeliner, a little bit of cover up, blush, and baby lips lipgloss. Wow, I was wearing allot of makeup today, oh well and least I'll look descent. To me it seems everyone looks better without make up, besides me. I smiled in the mirror and grabbed my phone. -1 New Message- I read. "Coffee at the Mocha house?" I smiled. I replied back "sure be there at 6:30?", it was already 6:13. I grabbed my book bag and wallet and headed out the door. "Where you going, school doesn't start for a while?" my mom asked. "Um, just out with a few friends," I replied with my hand anxiously on the door knob. "Good, you need to get out with your friends. Thats a good way to get your mind off of your father," she fake smiled at me. I didn't feel like talking about dad because I would start crying if we did and I hated when she brought him up, I didn't like to think he was gone. "K," I said and left shutting the door behind me. When I got outside I looked up to avoid tears from falling, this happens every time dad is brought up. My eyes started to dry because the fall wind blew and them, it hurt to not shut them, but I didn't wanna cry. 7:28, it read when I looked down at my phone. I was probably I block away from the coffee place so I walked in fast pace. When I walked in the door it was 7:35 and I looked around for Niall. I felt arms around my waste and a Irish accent "Hello love" it spoke. I turned around to see Niall, I smiled. We weren't really I guess a 'thing yet' otherwise I would've kissed him. He walked me over to a high table and pulled out my chair for me. I failed at getting on the chair do Niall lifted me up. I felt my cheeks getting hot, I'm pretty sure I blushed. He smiled and said "Be right back," I now smiled and watched him walk toward the counter. I sat looking out the window with my hands in my lap just thinking about how good the day was going already. "Here ya go!" and Irish accent startled me, "thanks," I said as he handed me the mocha. I took a sip of it "HOT!" I yelled while waving my hand next to my mouth like it would actually help it cool down. I guess part if me forgot Niall was there because I don't think I would've let my self do that other wise. Niall laughed at me, and then went into a plain expression looking into my eyes. Wow his eyes though, is it possible for a girl to get chills over someone's eyes? Because I did. "You've got some coffee on your lip," he said not moving a muscle beside his lips to pronounce the words. "oh, I do?" I said in a fluttery tone because I was spacing out on his eyes, but then I came out of my trance and realized what he said. I grabbed a napkin with hesitation and embarrassment but then someone grabbed my wrist, Niall. "It's okay I got it," he said and attached his lips to mine. I felt something hot on my pants. I looked down. "Shit!" I yelled, Niall had accidentally knocked over my coffee. He looked down to, making it awkward but I didn't care, I had coffee all over me so that was the least of my worries. "I am so sorry Ava, " he tried to explain. I looked at him and then busted out laughing. "It's okay" I smiled, he smiled back then ran to the counter to get more napkins. He dried off the table and then started helping me dry off my pants. Again kind of awkward, considering the fact he was stuffing napkins in the crotch of my pants. We both just laughed at the situation. After we failed to dry me of completely Niall said, "I'll give you a ride back to your place so you can change pants." he said while giggling. I had my gym clothes but I accepted his offer because I didn't want to wear those the whole day. He drove me home and followed me inside, my mom had left for work by now, I think he figured because there was no car in the driveway. We walked up to my room and I grabbed a pair of pants. "Turn around," I said while laughing. Niall was sitting on my bed and he shifted his body the opposite direction. I slid off my pants and ran it to the bathroom. I cleaned the off the coffee that seeped through my pants off of my  legs then walked out. Niall was facing my direction. I ran and grabbed my jeans to cover me at the moment, I don't think it worked. "What are you doing!?" I asked him. "I'm sorry, I thought because you went in the bathroom you went to change in there!" he said. I rolled my eyes and laughed, "Well turn around!" I laughed. He turned back around and I put on my clean pair of pants that I got out and zipped them up. "Done!" I sung. He stood up and opened my bedroom door, "Ladies first!" he said, "oh then, shouldn't you go first then?" I said in a sarcastic tone. "You know by saying that you called your self a man, right?" he said while giggling. We both just laughed it off. We walked off to the car. "Are you and that kid I always see you with, the one with the brown curly hair.. Dating?" he asked. I laughed "You mean Harry?! He's just my best friend, and like a brother... So yea I wouldn't be dating my own brother!" I laughed again. Niall kinda giggled with red marks appearing all over his cheeks. We both got into the car. "Ava?" Niall asked in a calm voice. "Yea?" I said. Niall swallowed, was he gonna ask me out? "Um, how do I say this? There Is a spider on your pants..." He said in a serious tone. "AHHHHHHHHH!" I yelled, I forgot we were at a stop light and the peoples car next to us had there windows down and so did we. "WHERE DID IT GO?" I continued anyways. Niall was laughing, "What?" I said confused as I shuffled my feat looking for the spider. "It was a joke!" he continued, "You, You butthead!" I said with a giggle while punching him playfully in the arm. "Ow!" he playfully punched me back, "Aw, you hit a girl.." I said in a childish tone. "From what you said earlier, you implied yourself as a man," he said smirking. "Really Niall?" I continued laughing. When we got to school Niall came in my first period. "What are you doing?" I asked confused. "I switched my schedule to be with you," he blushed. I smiled and worked on my homework I forgot to do last night before the teacher walked in. "Not late today are we, Avalene?" the teacher asked I as sunk my body in my chair so people would stop looking at me. "Everyone, this is our new student Niall," she added. "Hi, I'm Niall and.." he was interrupted by the teacher "We don't need a auto biography, do we Mr. Horan? Sit down" she said as the class laughed. "Don't worry, you'll get use to it..." I said. Halfway through the lesson I watched the clock ticking, till a waving hand in front of the clocks view interrupted my trance. It was Niall, he laughed, I rolled my eyes and started doodling. When class was over me and Niall walked everywhere together, well till gym class. Are gym classes were single gender only, stupid strict rule that we had. We played dodge ball and of course Sophia threw every single one towards me, good thing I'm good at dodging. Sophia threw another at me and I caught it, score! She flicked me off then walked off the court. I didn't care, for 14 she really didn't give a shit about anything. Gym ended and I went in the changing room to wipe the sweat off my face and redo my makeup and change into my outfit I put on this morning. When I was walking out I heard Sophia shout "Ugly bitch!" at me, I stopped and faced my fears, "What can I say, I've learned from the best!" I smiled with one eyebrow up and walked out, feeling proud at all of the "Ohhs" and "Burns" I heard behind me. Lunch time! It was 12:00 so yea, I was hungry. Actually I'm always hungry, I'm basically a human picnic basket. I went to find a table. I saw Niall and Harry sitting at the same one, I walked over with a smile. I set my tray down to soon find it on the ground. Sophia stole my chair and pushed my tray off the table. "What the hell?" I said throwing my hand out at my side in the direction of my spilled lunch. "Seats taken, get use to it," she said while biting her French fry. Niall and Harry just watched us. I grabbed someone's milk carton, "Sure, I'll get use to it, as long as this doesn't bother you I poured the milk down her shirt. Maybe shes learned her lesson about letting her cleavage show. "You did no..." I cut her off "Oh, but I did," I said while nodding my head with a slanted expression. "BITCH!" she slammed me against the floor, "Yea, I'm a female dog, but is there any excuse for being a slut?" I said mad. "You," she added, "Yea, because I try to lead on, flirt, or sleep with every guy I see!" I screamed. She then had a tear rolling down her one cheek. She ran to the girls bathroom. "Your a bitch Ava," I heard a distance voice say, it was guy named Louis that I use to crush on. I walked outside on the track, I texted my councilor to take t
cover for me, we are kind of friends. She told me she would, shes under stood what's happened to me this year. I started to cry, I dropped to my knees, I was too week to stand. Maybe that is all I was, was bitch. I started thinking about ever thing thats wrong with me. Ugly, annoying, bitch, bad luck charm, every name in the book. I wish god made me take my life instead of my dad. Or my moms three miscarriages were me one time and to save one of my in born siblings. I was suppose to be the mistake, not one of them. I'm sure if they were born they could get guys, be popular, and be beautiful... You know, if they were girls.. I laughed a little at my thought, I decided to play Demi Lovato songs on my phone and run the track. As soon as I was okay I went back into the building, it was 2:04 so I was in trigonometry. I walked into the bathroom before I went to class and wiped off my makeup and put on a better looking layer, I re-brushed my hair and headed down the hall. When I got into class every one stared at me. I walked through the field of eyes to a open seat, next to Louis... I felt uncomfortable sitting next to him since he called me a bitch. He passed me a note, I tore it up and threw it at the trash can. I then got a text, not from Louis though. I read 'Louis feels bad about the situation, he didn't realize what he did to you first, I think he was trying to say sorry' again from a unknown number, I need to start putting numbers in my phone. I showed Louis the message he nodded and lipped 'I had no idea, I'm so sorry Ava..." I smiled and lipped 'it's okay'. Niall turned around and tapped me, 'you alright' he mouthed. I nodded and smiled, by that text I feel like most people didn't like Sophia and had to take her bullcrap to, even though she is popular. The day slowed, and went by slower every second. -1 new message, Mom- my phone read. I looked at it, -Hun, I'm gonna be home at nine, I have a progress report to do at work- I frowned. My mom has a job where she is super busy and she travels all the time too. Class finished and Niall drove me home, he noticed I didn't seem happy (Truth was I was scarred to be home alone at night, ever since Mark climbed up my tree to watch my undress through my windows, what a creep...) "Are you alright Ava?" he said with a worried expression. "Yea it's just," I didn't want him to worry about me, "Nevermind I'll be fine" I lied. "Tell me," he said grabbing my arm. "Its just my mom has a job where she is always traveling or staying at work late to finish something and I don't like to stay home alone at night..." I had to explain the whole Mark thing. "Looks like I'm gonna stay at your place for a while then!" he said while pulling in our driveway and parking the car. He got out and opened my door. Me and him walked in and Niall ran to our refrigerator. "Niall, your eating my Nandos!!!" he looked at me with his face stuffed, He took out the piece of stake from his mouth "Wants some, here," he laughed while shoving the steak in my mouth. "Ew, Niall... That been in your mouth!" I said while spitting it into the trash can. He finished my dinner and sat on the couch "When's your mom getting home?" he asked followed by a fart. I really liked Niall, he didn't care what he did, he was himself. "nine, why?" I replied. "Just wondering. Hey, got any movies?" he asked. I walked over to my tv stand and pulled out our movies, we had probably a million. I smiled and gestured for him to come get one. He picked up 'Toy Story' "My best friend Liam, who lives in Ireland loves this movie, can we watch it?" I smiled "Of course,". I put in the movie and pressed play, we were still waiting for the previews to end. "Any snacks?" I yelled from the kitchen "Got any ice cream?" he yelled back. "We sure do!" I scooped the ice cream in two separate bowls, "Toppings?" I yelled again, "All that you own," he added with a giggle. I searched the cabinets and had what seamed to be a topping buffet. Niall came in, "Damn, how are you so skinny?" he laughed I shrugged my shoulders. "Okay so what do you want?" I said laughing at the amount of food, "like I said. Everything!" he said while eyeing the toppings. "Then you better help me make it!" I yelled. He picked up the can of whip cream and sprayed it in my face. "You did not, just do that!" I laughed while whipping it off, "Oh, but I did!" he said while putting a cherry on my head. I took the chocolate syrup and put it in his hair "Not the hair!" he laughed. We both continued having our topping fight. After we finished we actually put toppings on our own ice cream and put them in the freezer. I gave Niall a towel and told him he could take a shower in the guest bathroom, as I went up to my bathroom (locked the door knowing Nialls little tricks) and took my shower. I did my morning routine of brushing and drying my hair afterwards. I threw on some pjs and put my hair in a messy bun. Niall walked up stairs, "Ava?" he said while knocking. "Yea?" I replied, "can I come in?" he answered, "Yea", I unlocked my bed room door and let him in. "Where are your clothes?" I said, he was only in his boxers. "They have toppings on them, remember?" we laughed. "Do you have anything I could borrow?"he asked. I smirked and got out my white and baby blue polka dot fuzzy short pj shorts with my I love hello kitty shirt and handed to him. "You've got to be kidding me," he said while laughing. "Nope" I said ," I'll be down stairs, and I'll put your clothes in the laundry. " I added and headed down. I collected his clothes and went into the washroom. I used twice the detergent because of the sticky syrup. I started the washer then walked in the living room and got out the bowls of ice cream out of the freezer. I set them on the table and got out two blankets. I resumed the movie. I heard steps coming down my stairs and turned to see Niall. I started laughing historically at him in my girly pajamas. He giggled and rolled his eyes before plopping on the couch and joining me with the movie and ice cream. -1 new text message, mom- I read "You doing okay hun?" my mom texted, "yea, my friend Niall offered to stay till you got home," I texted back, "Avalene, that better not be a boy," it said "Mom me and him are 14, we're not gonna have sex or something! Plus you know me better than to EVER go that far!" I replied, "Ok, I'm sorry... I'll be home in two hours" she added. "Ok love you," I ended. Me and Niall watched toy story while he told me about his friend Liam, seems like a nice guy. When my mom got home she seemed surprised of how polite Niall was, Niall then left taking his clothes, and still wearing my pjs, and hugged me a goodbye. What a perfect night.
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