The Crush

Avalene (Ava) meets a Irish cutie who makes her life happy but at times helps Sophia (her enemy) drive her into the ground... They call it a crush because someone always gets hurt... Right?


1. The Day I First Met You

It was Monday. "Ughhhh" I growled as I turned over and hit the alarm clock. "Sweetie, get up" my mom nagged. "I am up..." I said with my head planted still in my pillow. I eventually decided to rise from my bed and get ready for school. My names Avalene, my mates call me Ava though. I am average height, petite, I have naturally straight long brown hair that travels to my lower back,  I have hazel eyes that change, and tanned Caucasian skin. Everyone says i'm gorgeous, but some of them were the same people who would make fun of me till I cried. I guess they only say it knowing how insecure I am now, they probably feel bad. I threw on my black skinny jeans with my mustaches crop top (Of course with a tank underneath), slipped on a pair of toms, brushed my hair, and lightly put on mascara and lipgloss. I checked in the mirror to get one last glance at my self before swinging my tan satchle book bag around my shoulders and headed down stairs for my favorite breakfast to be awaiting me. I guzzled down my chocolate chip pancakes and let out a small burp (I'm not really the girly type). "Avalene!" my mom laughed, "What?" I said. My mom shook her head and giggled "Just don't do that at school" I grinned, hugged my mom, and headed to school. It was chilly this morning in the streets of London, on my way I noticed a dog in a alley. The dog was whining, I rushed over to it to find its paw with a piece of glass stuck in it. The poor baby, I lifted its paw "it's gonna be okay boy,". I quickly pulled the glass out of its paw exposing a growl from the dog. I looked threw my bag, all I could find that may help was my gym clothes. I took my gym tank and wrapped it gently around the dogs paw, and tapped it on ( I know, I probably shouldn't look for a job as a vet when I get older). I kissed the dogs head and turned around, there was a blonde boy standing behind me. "May I help you?" I asked, he was starring at the dog and leaned down to pet it. "Hello?" I said one more time and he turned around, "Oh uhm, sorry I just," he stuttered "thought it was nice for what you did for him..." he smiled as I blushed. There was a awkward silence, "Well I better go find his owner," I bent down and read the address on the dogs tag. The boy interrupted my thought of mapping out the location, "I think I know who's dog this is," he said. "Who's?" I questioned, "Well on my way to school I saw some missed dog posters, they had numbers," he answered. "Here that buddy? Where gonna take you home to your family" I said in a baby voice while scratching the dogs head, "Oh, crap!" I said looking down at my watch "I'm gonna be late for school!" I said. The boy looked at me, "How far is your school?" he asked, "Just a couple of blocks away," I answered him. "Really? Same with me, I'm a exchange student from Ireland... Maybe we go to the same one!" he said, "Get in my car, I'll give you a ride," he added. I smiled as he led the way to his car. He called the dog and it jumped in the back seat. "Buckle up!" he said, I was starting to hear the Irish accent. I giggled and he pulled up by a strip mall. "What are we doing here?" he got out, as did I. He walked to a power line post and examined the missing dog poster. He took out his cell phone, "Ugh, damn it, low battery!" he said, "Here, use mine." I handed him my phone, "thanks," he smiled. He dialed the number on the poster and spoke to the owners. When he hung up the phone he said "Come on, we got a dog to deliver!" he said in a goofy way while getting in the car. I jumped in and giggled at him. "You seem to be full of laughter..." he said while chuckling himself. I smiled and put my hand on his hand, as he rested it on the stick shift ,about to put the car in drive. He blushed and we drove up to a house. "Stay here," he said, he ran into the house with the dog following. A women who looked like a very successful business lady greeted and thanked him for returning her dog. The boy jumped back in the car and looked at me, "I never caught your name," he smirked. "Avalene, well Ava... Yours? I asked. "Niall, and my friends call me Niall!" he laughed as his joke and I laughed with him as we drove to school. "five minutes to get there, you think will make it?" he asked, I smiled and said "No, but at least if we get marked late our detention will be together!" I said jokingly. He pulled in the school parking lot, we did end up being about two minutes late. Niall walked me to my class anyway, before I went it he grabbed my arm, "Coffee sometime?" I smiled "I'd like that". I walked into my class and waved 'bye' to my new friend. "Avalene, why are you late?" the teacher said while clearing her throat. "Alarm clock again.." I lied. "Avalene, you are one of my best students, next time don't be late." she handed me a slip of paper, "Detention, after school" she smiled. As soon as I turned around to take my seat I rolled my eyes in annoyance. The teacher rambled on, I didn't need to listen I already new everything in her class... Mostly because every lesson is just a repeat of what she taught the day before. I though about what had happened this morning, was it even real? I don't think I've ever actually seen a hurt dog in London before, not saying its never happened but this was the first time I've seen it. And the boy, the CUTE boy talking to ME! I was convincing myself that this morning probably didn't happen then I heard my name. I slipped out of my trance "Avalene, what did I just say?" god sometimes I wanna punch my teacher in the face! "Sorry, uhm, I-I, I wasn't listening," I stuttered. The class laughed and Harry turned around and high fived me. Harry was one of my good friends, he always gave me compliments and made me feel better. He gave me a cheeky grin and turned back around. After first period the day went by fast, probably because first period seemed as long as hell. I walked to detention after school to be greeted by Niall, "Hey Ava, long time no-see!" he looked around with his hand over his eyes pretending he was looking for something. I let out a goofy laugh and sat down next to him. We were the only ones in there at the time. "Detention starts in 5 minutes.." I whined, Niall got up to plug in his phone. "Who brings a phone charger with then to school?" I laughed, "Niall Horan!" he replied, I enjoyed his goofiness. After detention started the teacher left the room and told everyone to be quiet. There were more people now. Niall Had grabbed my hand under the desk as we talked Quietly. I was blushing, I could tell because my cheeks were getting hot. Sophia got up and walked towards the front of the room till she got in front of Niall's desk. She purposefully dropped her pencil and slowly bent down to get, Niall watched. He parted His hand with my to cover the crouch of his pants, and I know why. Sophia always steals my chances with any guys, she was always why I was insecure. When he rose up slowly Niall watched her bum and she turned  around and smirked at him. I looked at Niall and rolled my eyes, I got up and went to the bathroom. Tears rolled down my face before I reached the door. I know I shouldn't be so emotional about it, but Sophia has stole my chance with EVERY guy and even Harry when I crushed on him! I don't know why or how I developed feelings for Niall over one day but there was something about him or there was something about him before Sophia. I watched myself cry in the bathroom mirror, not because I'm a freak or anything but because I have hazel eyes and when I cry they turn blue. After the tears faded I wiped my face and re did some of my makeup. I walked back into the detention classroom to see Sophia sitting by Niall, he looked at me and lipped "Are you okay?" without any sound, I rolled my eyes and made my way to the back of the classroom for a different chair. Sophia turned her head around and raised her eye brows while smiling, probably to get me pissed off... Trust me it worked, I texted her 'why do you always have to hurt my feelings and flirt with every guy I like?' she held up her phone to signal in a bratty way she got the message. She turned around and smirked bratty at me. She then scooted her chair closer to Niall's and started stroking his leg. I wanted to cry, but couldn't because my body told me not to break. I felt a poke from the person next to me, it was one of Harry's friends, Zayn. He took out the straw of his coke that he snuck in there then rolled up a small piece of paper and stuck it in his mouth. He then put the straw up to his mouth and blew out a spit ball, it hit Sophia in the back of her neck. She turned around with a disgusted face while me and Zayn were cracking up. I think I respected Zayn for this, he seemed really nice. She got up and marched over to me, "What the hell you little bitch?!" she screamed while slapping me, everyone watched, just watched. Niall and Zayn got in between us though, Sophia was now screaming but was interrupted by the detention teacher walking in. "Sophia, Excuse me? There is no verbal use allowed, everyone excused as for you Sophia, you have 15 minutes added to your time and for the rest of the week." Mr. Clark said with a stern voice. "Fuck, this is all your fault!" she said while looking at me, "Make that  two weeks," he added gesturing for Sophia to sit down and take a seat, she rolled her eyes and scowled at me till I left the room. I thanked Zayn for trying to get her back and for protecting me, he smiled and we exchanged numbers. I didn't like Zayn, but that was really nice, and I respect his sense of humor. I rushed out of school after that to avoid Niall seeing me. I felt a tug on my arms, I turned around to see Niall. I couldn't hold back I felt the tears. Niall pulled me in for a hug and kissed my for head. He then pulled away and said "look I know Sophia hurt you but I'll make sure tha..." I interrupted him "It wasn't just Sophia, it was you to" I growled. "What are you talking about?" he asked innocently. I ignored him and the tears got heavier. Niall pulled me in for a hug realizing I had feelings for him and what he let Sophia do. "Come on Ava, I'll drive you home," he said. Even though I was torn l accepted the offer not wanting to walk home in the cold fall weather, especially since I forgot my jacket. The ride to my house was pretty much silent besides me giving him directions to my house. When we got to my house he whispered in my ear "Sophia might've been the one doing it, but I was thinking of you" and he kissed under my ear. It sent shivers down my spine,I blushed ,and got out of the car, I thanked him for the ride and ran upstairs to my bedroom, today was really hectic. I jumped in the shower and mostly just standed there enjoying the hot water on my back resting my muscles, eventually I washed my hair and cleansed my body. I walked out of the shower being exposed to the cold air of my house. I dried off my body and threw on a pair of boxers and a cold play tee. I brushed through my hair before and after drying it. I set down the blow dryer and turned on my radio. I grabbed the nearest hair brush and jumped around my room singing and dancing like a idiot. It was only about 4:30 and I had already gotten in my pajamas. While dancing like a idiot I notice my phone lighting up, I walked over and read the message, it was Sophia 'Niall feels sooo good' she needs to grow up... I shook my head and continued dancing, after the dancing ran down my energy I went down stairs for dinner. Mom just ordered Nandos, one of my favorite restraints. It didn't take me long to scarf down my meal. "For as skinny as you are, you eat like your dad use to!" my mom laughed. Their was a silence, "Do you ever think about dad still?" my mom asked "Of course," a tear dropped from my eye. My dad took his life 9 and a half months ago, and I was a daddy's girl. My mom hugged me and gestured me to go do my homework. I could stop thinking about my father, it was my fault. I shouldn't have gone out with friends that night, if I just stayed home he would still be here. I walked into my bathroom and searched the cabinets. I found the razor and rested it on my wrist before pressing it down and pulling backwards. Only one tear escaped from my eye, that's because this isn't as painful as what I've gone through this year. I'm not 'emo' or whatever people call it, I cut to get use to pain, So it won't bother me as bad anymore. I cleaned my wrist and wrapped on a bandage. I threw the razor in the trash and covered it up with toilet paper to hide it. I walked out of the bathroom and belly flopped onto my bed, I drifted off to sleep. 
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