The Crush

Avalene (Ava) meets a Irish cutie who makes her life happy but at times helps Sophia (her enemy) drive her into the ground... They call it a crush because someone always gets hurt... Right?


3. I love you more than you will ever know

I woke to a really loud bang. I looked at my clock, 2:30. I growled at the time and got up to see what was going on. I was about to look down stairs but then it sounded like it came from my window. Maybe it was Niall. I smiled and walked towards the window. It wasn't Niall, it was Harry. I called him on his cell phone because I didn't want to have to yell out the window and wake up my neighbors. He answered, "What are you doing?" I giggled while rubbing my eyes. "I went and had a few beers and my friend Zayn dropped me off here for some reason..." he said in a confused slurry tone, "Ok come up,". I hung up and greeted him at the door. My mom wouldn't care If Harry stayed the night because our families are REALLY close. We walked up stairs and he passes out on my bed. I rolled my eyes, he really can't wait till he is 16 to start drinking. I giggled and got into bed next to him. I grabbed my phone and texted Zayn. "Why did you drop Harry off at my place instead of his?" I texted. -1 new message- my phone lighted up "He said that was his home?" he replied. Oh well it basically was, Harry came over ALLOT. I wondered why Zayn drove away without making sure Harry got in side first, oh well maybe Zayn was just a little tipsy as well... Why was he driving then?. I swear I think to much before bed, I probably could solve half the worlds problems before going to sleep. I giggled. "What are you laughing at?" Harry said. I ignored him, hoping he would just get some sleep. he put his arm around me and I could tell he fell asleep. I know this may sound weird that me and Harry are sleeping in the same bed, but like I said he is like my brother and our families are REALLY close. Plus my mom could trust Harry, we were always careful. I drifted off to sleep with my mind racing in thoughts, as always. When I woke up the second time to the sound of my shower it was 5:45. 
 I walked up to the bathroom door. "Hurry up Hazz!" I yelled, "Sorry, I'm almost done!" I giggled, he was so funny. He got out of the shower and began looking through my clothes. "Your not gonna fit in the same size clothes as me..." I laughed.  "Just watch me!" he said in a sassy tone.  He put on my black straight leg jeans (they were actually big on me anyway) and then laughed, "have you gain weight?" I looked at him devilishly and punched him in the arm. "Sorry...!" he said while rubbing his arm. He threw on my guns and roses pajama shirt. Wow he actually looked pretty hot. He slid on his shoes and blow dried his hair. He went to go eat some breakfast as I took my shower. I rushed threw my hair cleansing process and got out. I rushed to throw on clothes. Today I wore my Demi Lovato signature tee from and acid washed jeans with my blue toms. I put pink duct tape over the hole in my toms, and slipped them on. I put only top eyeliner, mascara, and baby lips lip gloss. After I blow dried my hair and curled it I packed a pair of gym clothes. For trying to hurry I actually did good today. I sprayed on my hollister perfume by aiming towards the air and swirling like a ballerina through it, I giggled at myself. My backpack was swung over my shoulders and I walked fast paced down the stairs. "Hey sweetie, me and Harry were just talking, can he walk you too school today?" she said. I laughed "Of course, he is my best friend mom..." I hate when she acted like we hated each other or something. I pulled out one of our 1960's looking breakfast bar chair and my mom served us waffles with strawberry syrup, yum! "You've got something on your cheek..." Harry said. "Where?" I asked trying to wipe my cheek, not finding the spot he was talking about. He dipped his finger in the strawberry syrup and wiped it on me. "Right there!" He laughed, well until I did the exact same thing. Harry was the type of friend who would take his socks off and throw them in your face or something, actually him and Niall are very alike... 
I finished and gave my plate to my mom. "You two have a great day at school!" she said while kissing us on our cheeks. She treated Harry like her son, which was pretty funny. Me and Harry were walking outside to see Niall parked in the driveway. "Hey," I said with hesitation. "Hey..." he said back awkwardly, "So I was gonna give you a ride to school, do you two want one..?" he said still awkward. I guess he thought me and Harry were dating and I lied to him or something. Harry didn't have to reply to Niall's question, he jumped to the front seat with no hesitation. Niall walked to the back seats and opened my door for me. "Aw, thanks," I said and smiled.
"Wait..." he said before letting me get in the car. "Be mine..." he added and attached his lips to my lips. It was so passionate, people said love at first sight doesn't exist but me and Niall met for the first time three days ago... He pulled away and looked in my eyes, I was speechless, Harry was the only guy I've ever kissed. "Of course I'll be," I said as I hugged his waist tightly. I could tell he was smiling.    I heard clapping from the car, followed by laughs. "Harry!" I said laughing, "What, I can't watch my best friend have her first real 'boy moment'..." I glared at him... Like I mentioned before Harry was my first at everything, and so I've never really had a relationship otherwise. I shushed him as Niall laughed, "With someone as beautiful as you, that's surprising.." Niall said while smiling. I blushed and got into the car. 'Niall is my boyfriend and Sophia didn't take him away' I had to keep repeating that in my head because I had a boy as perfect as him. I watched the trees out the windows, there changing of yellow, orange, and red was so beautiful. I heard "Give your heart a brake" come on the radio and couldn't help but 'jamming out' to the song. "What are you doing?" Harry laughed. I felt awkward so I stop and slouched down in the car seat. "Well don't worry Ava, I thought it was cute!" Niall added with another laugh. Niall started singing along, I didn't know he was a good singer, I knew Harry was but not Niall!   I have a thing for guys who can sing... We all eventually joined in to the song. Were all pretty good singers but with the background noise and the blend of our voices we probably sounded like dying pigeons. We got to school, early? My first period teacher will probably be REALLY surprised. The fall air felt really warm today, just really nice. "Will you give me a piggy back ride?" Harry asked Niall. I feel like they are gonna have a friendship in the future, the thought made me smile. Niall bent down so Harry could jump on his back. When Harry jumped on Niall they nearly toppled over. I was laughing quietly to myself as they were trying to control which way to go. Harry jumped off Niall's back causing him to fall forward full speed into the grass. Harry put out his hand to help Niall up, "I think I am to heavy for ya mate!" Harry laughed. Niall grabbed his hand and replied "Ya think,". We all just laughed it off till first period, which we all had together. The whole time they were passing notes, not like 'lovey dovey' but you know what I mean. "Harry what did I just say?" The teacher asked. He was focused reading the note, "Does the teacher know her bra is showing?" he answered. The class laughed really loud, and Harry realized he read the note out loud. His cheeks got red from embarrassment. "Mr. styles and Mr. Horan its not of your business, and I will be seeing you two in detention." she said harshly while handing them a detention slip. Niall's forth day here and he already has has two detentions, wow. I looked around the classroom, no Sophia, today was gonna be a good day. When first period was over the teacher asked me to stay after class. I walked over to the spinning globe and spun it really fast to stop it with only my finger each time. Someone clearing there throat enterupted me. I turned around to see my teacher. "Ava, you have been asked to participate in a privileged private school, for your high test scores." she said while smiling and handing me a huge packet. "I wouldn't turn it down if I were you," she added. I walked out of the door and started wondering. That means I would have to leave Harry, Niall, and a few of other people who were my friends. The only bad thing, well good thing was is I could get a scholar ship. I put the papers in my backpack not wanting to think about it. I got a text, it was one of my okay-friends Lauren. 'I heard Sophia f*cked the detention teacher to get out of it'. Reading it I honestly wasn't surprised, and that could explain why she was gone for period. I texted Sophia, "Do you still have detention all week?". I continued to walk before my phone started to light up. -1 new message, Sophia- I read it. "No, but I know your the little bitch who started the rumor why I don't have it. Watch me make your life hell!" she texted back. I didn't have to be scarred of her bull crap, I was use to her games by now.  
I couldn't focus all second period because the person sitting next to me kept smacking there gum. What I don't understand is why people can't shut there god damn mouths when they eat or chew gum! Niall was sitting behind me behind. "Hey babe!xx" he put on a sticky note before passing it to me. For a second I forgot he asked me out this morning. "Hey xx." I replied on a different sticky note. "Is there something wrong?" He asked on the thin paper. I just shook my head side to side as a 'no' so I wouldn't have to make him worry. I guess it was easy to notice that I was annoyed by something because Niall tapped her back and asked her to close her mouth in a polite way. Niall is so cute, he does everything nice too! After second period I walked to the bathroom and fixed my makeup, I glanced in the mirror and headed for gym. Today in gym we had to run the track, which I guess was good because we were aloud to listen to music. Of course I played Demi Lovato songs as I ran my mile. I finished first, I guess because I was the only girl that brought their iPod so I has a motivation. I sat on the cold bench with my gym teacher waiting for everyone to finish. I watched everyone trying to pretend they were running when the teacher looked at them. Pathetic, why can't they just finish off the mile? When everyone was back inside we were told we could change from our gym clothes, my favorite part of gym class because you get out of your gross and sweaty clothes. After I changed I wiped the sweat from my forehead with a paper towel and re-did my makeup. Why was I so ugly compared to all the other girls? Oh well, I have Niall so that doesn't matter anymore. I shrugged it off and headed for the next class, lunch is right after, yes! I got into the next class and took my seat. The work was independent work on our laptops so I actually maintained focus. Towards the end of the class I looked at the clock waiting for lunch. As soon as the bell rang I got up and rushed down to lunch and got a good place in line. I was seriously so hungry, even school lunches sounded good. I placed my self at a table with Zayn and Harry. "Hey guys!" I smiled, "Hey Ava," they smile back. I went to start eating my lunch but Zayn started talking. "Sorry about dropping Harry off at your place, at first he said it was his house but then he said it wasn't..." he said in a giggly tone. "Oh no, don't worry about it, me an Harry are close enough to siblings that it doesn't matter!" I smiled. Niall walked towards are table and took the last seat. "Hey!" Niall said. We greeted back a "Hey," our selves in unison. Zayn had a confused look, "Are you Irish?" he said. Niall laughed and nodded. "So you two have detention? Who am I gonna walk or ride home with!" I laughed at Harry and Niall. "I can give you a ride Ava, your house is on my way!" Zayn replied in a nice tone. "Really? Thanks!" I smiled at him. The next two periods were the same, me and Niall passing notes, not maintaining focus, getting annoyed b the gum smackers around me. He usual when period 7 was over I walked out of class with Zayn. "You ready to go?" he asked in a cheerful tone. "Yep!" I sung back. He led the way to his car and hit the unlock button and I watched the back lights light up as he did. Wow, this was a really nice car. I opened the passenger seat door and sat down I the nice grey leather seats. His car smelt like an ocean? Hmm, unusual but nice! "Nice ride," I said with a laugh. "Oh it's nothing," he added with confidence to my complement. "How do you afford a car like this?" I asked, "It's embarrassing..." he said. "C'mon, just tell me,  I won't make fun of you..." I smiled with my famous 'puppy dog eyes'. "Fine... I-I I," he stuttered and started a gain after swallowing, "I do some modeling," he said awkwardly in a squeamish tone. "What's embarrassing about that?" I asked, surprised that he would be embarrassed over it. "Well, you know high school labels... I don't want the guys thinking I'm gay because it's a girly thing..." he said. "It's not girly, and they won't be saying that if they can see what being a male model get you, like this car!" we laughed. It bothered me when guys were worried they acted gay, I had guy friends who were gay, so I'm all for the gay rights and everything. When Zayn dropped me off I hugged him and ran inside. I ran up to my room and dropped my back pack on my bed to start my homework. Piece of cake, I finished really fast. I grabbed my laptop from under my bed and checked my twitter and Facebook. 12 Facebook notifications, 4 from Sophia and they weren't nice. I blocked her, I thought I already did that when we stopped being friends. Oh yeah, me and Sophia were best friends till I started to realize what she was doing to me and my chances with any guy. The rest of my notifications were just regular stuff, tags, truth is, photo comments, friend request, etc. I now checked my twitter, I got 1 follow. Wow, I am so un popular on twitter that it's funny. I closed my laptop and slid it back under my bed. I got up and went down stairs for a snack. I ate a bowl of cereal, and drank some cranberry juice. I know, drinking cranberry juice makes me sound like a old lady or something, but it's my favorite since I was little. I finished and set the dishes in the dish washer. I ran back up stairs and changed into my pajamas. I wore a 'hipsta please' shirt that Harry left over here once and slipped off my jeans. I went down stairs and after grabbing my phone off my desk in my room. I texted Niall, 'hey! xx."  I said. "Oh hey babe! Just chillin' out in detention. What are you upta? xx. :)" he texted. I smiled and thought it would be fun to tease him. "Nothing, sitting on the couch in JUST a tee shirt. xx. ;)" I added a wonky face and emphasized Just so he would get the hint. There was no reply for a while, did I take it too far? There was a knock on the door, I grabbed a pair of shorts from the washroom because it was the closest room so I could answer the door. I opened the door to see Niall. "You lied to me," he said in a stubborn, sassy tone while giggling. I joined with giggling a bit. "Actually I was, I just put on shorts to answer the door," I said shyly. He blushed. "Well you wanna hang?" I asked. He nodded and stepped in side. "What do you want to do?" I asked, I kinda wished I didn't send that message because I wasn't really ready if Niall wanted to do 'something' and because I'm not experienced in this situation so I would be a idiot or embarrassing while 'it' happened. "How about a board game?" I asked him. He didn't say anything, he just looked at me. See, I knew I shouldn't have sent it. I grabbed monopoly anyway and set it out on the rug. "Pick your player," I said. Niall still didn't say anything but got a player. He chose the ship. I chose the dog and I rolled the dice, 6. We were rolling to see who goes first. "Your turn," I said. He picked up the dice and threw them across the room. "Will you go get that for me, Ava," he said in a strangely seductive voice. I know what he was trying to do so I bent down and slowly picked it up. And don't say I'm staring to act like Sophia, because Niall is my boyfriend now. I walked back towards him slowly, his eyes were on my hips. "You wanted these?" I said in a seductive tone while handing the dice back to him. He dropped the dice and started to kiss me. I'm not even gonna lie, I loved kissing Niall because it was better then when me and Harry practiced kissing on each other. Yeah, we were each others first kiss. I layer back propped up on my elbows. Niall hovered over me as we made out. I wasn't gonna let us go as far on only the fourth day. Me and Niall continued to make out till he farted. "Ew, Niall, while were making out, really?" I laughed while holding my nose. I sprung up and got a can of air freshener and sprayed it all over my living room. Niall kept laughing at his fart, just like any boy. I put the air freshener can away and slid my shorts back on. Me and Niall actually started to play our monopoly game. When my mom got home she invited Niall to stay for dinner. I think my mom liked him, this is really good to get her approval. Niall accepted her offer and my mom started too cook. We continued monopoly (I was in the lead) until all the properties were bought. We packed up the game, by that time mom had just finished making dinner. We sat a the table and my mom served us a plate of food while I poured everyone something to drink. "What do you want to drink?" I asked them. "Apple juice," Niall said while stuffing a fork with food on the end into his mouth. I laughed, so did my mom. "What about you mom?" I asked, " Water is fine sweetie," she said with a smile. I poured the drinks and set them on the table. We all had a delightful dinner while my mom got to know Niall. When Niall left we stood on the front porch and waved goodbye till he left our driveway. "He is a nice boy Ava!" my mom said. Yes! She got approval. We walked inside and I sat with my mom for our 'Wednesday mommy daughter movie night' until it turned 9:00, my mom told me I needed to go get some rest. I think I went to sleep smiling. 
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