Danni was spending time with her mother in doncaster because her parents just got divorced. She wished at 11:11 that this would be the best summer if her life. When she was taking a jog and eating carrots, she ran into a stranger, a beautiful boy with brown hair and blue eyes. She didn't know then he would be the love her life, or until summers over.


2. The market


Suddenly I felt that someone was following me. I decide to walk up th stairs to the market. The first place I went to was the clothes. I love clothes. After about 10 minutes I walk to the vegetables because I wanted some carrots. I simply love cartots too. I turn the corner and there I saw him. Brown hair, striped shirt and red pants. He was standing looking at a bag of baby carrots. When I walk over to look at the carrots I noticed he moved, then all of a sudden I hear a beautiful voice that made my heart flutter, "hello."


When I finally got the nerves to go and talk to her I went from behind and said hello. When she turned around I looked deep into her eyes and I knew she was doing the same. " I'm Louis and your, " she looks surprised. "I'm Danni" she says with a smile, " I notice you like carrots." "I do, would you happen to come with me and get some tea, we could eat carrots if you want too." I said and when she shook her head yes, I knew this would be the best day of my life.
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