Danni was spending time with her mother in doncaster because her parents just got divorced. She wished at 11:11 that this would be the best summer if her life. When she was taking a jog and eating carrots, she ran into a stranger, a beautiful boy with brown hair and blue eyes. She didn't know then he would be the love her life, or until summers over.


5. Saying Good-bye


As we walk down the side walk I look at my watch, it was almost 11:00 and I have to be home around 11:30. When I look over to Louis he looks back at me and smiles, I smile back. "You do know I have to say you are really beautiful. " I smile as I look at him and I suddenly feel the heat rushed to the cheeks. "Thank you" I say as I smile at the ground. I look at my phone at it said its 11:11. "Ok ok you now have to Make a wish its 11:11," I say when we both close out eyes and make a wish I wish that if I do become really close with him I don't want get hurt like I did before. I opened my eyes and Louis is looking down at smiling, "you know I am really glad I met you." When I looked at him shyly I noticed he was blushing too. "Thank you. But I have to get home know." I say. " oh" Louis said scratching the back of his neck, " we'll
Ill see you later." " bye Louis I had fun thanks again for the coffee. " we wave good buenat each other and walked different ways. When I get home walk I'm and I noticed my mother passed out in the couch. She must of been watch
ing movie. When got to my room I got in my pjs and layers down replaying every thing in my head then I finally dozed off to sleep.

When I got home I went straight to my room. The house was quiet, well I know my sisters are at a party but where's mum. Then. See a note on my bed. It said that my mum was out well that's ok I'm good by myself. When I lay down on my bed I fell asleep thinking about Danni but I realized I forgot something. I FORGOT TO GET HER NUMBER. I knew I was gonna forget. I just wish that I will see her again. But you know I'll may never know.
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