Danni was spending time with her mother in doncaster because her parents just got divorced. She wished at 11:11 that this would be the best summer if her life. When she was taking a jog and eating carrots, she ran into a stranger, a beautiful boy with brown hair and blue eyes. She didn't know then he would be the love her life, or until summers over.


3. Just thinking

DANNI POV: we walked in silence to the cafè in the market. Every once in a while I look to my left and under that he was looking at me. When we got to the cafè we got in line and insisted in paying for the teas. I laughed to myself, that's something that Chris would have done, then I thought ' danni get over him , he cheated in you didn't he, he's the one that you walked in on making out with your , well that slut of your best friend, Natalie," that suddenly made me kinda of sad thinking you had a perfect life the best friend that was loyal and wouldn't do anything to hurt you, the perfect parent who you thought loved each other, and the best boyfriend any girl could have. But that was when I thought life was perfect. I just can't believe that was only 2 months ago. Then I notice that Louis was looking at me concerned. " are you okay?" He asked. " yea I was just thinking about my past." I replied. With a smile he said, " we'll since we are on that subject why don't we get to know each other and our past?" He was so. Cute how could I say no.
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