Danni was spending time with her mother in doncaster because her parents just got divorced. She wished at 11:11 that this would be the best summer if her life. When she was taking a jog and eating carrots, she ran into a stranger, a beautiful boy with brown hair and blue eyes. She didn't know then he would be the love her life, or until summers over.


4. Getting to know you

I wonder why is Danni so... What am I looking for... Yea distant. I had a feeling that it was something that made her sad, And I don't think I want to see her sad. When I sat down and asked her about her life. " we'll first my full name is Danni Elizabeth Anderson, I'm 18, um... I have a dog named Elvis because I used to love to her my dad sing me Elvis songs at night, oh and I love to dance. " she smiled at me. "Ok so here's my question to you. Why haven't I seen you here before?" I noticed her face turned from happy to sad," oh no I didn't mean to upset you. " it's okay really. My mom and dad got divorced recently and he mived back to the states and my mom came back here. This is where she is originally from. She met my dad in New York when she went to a dance audition." She finishes with a soft smile on her face, like she was remembering something, something from the past. All I know is I want her, even if it might be weird, a little strange, but I think I love her and I don't anything bad to ever happen to her. I just really wish she could be mine.

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