Danni was spending time with her mother in doncaster because her parents just got divorced. She wished at 11:11 that this would be the best summer if her life. When she was taking a jog and eating carrots, she ran into a stranger, a beautiful boy with brown hair and blue eyes. She didn't know then he would be the love her life, or until summers over.


1. A Wish

Danni POV

I'm taking my my morning jog listening to burning up and I think to my self as I check my watch and see that is 11:11, I wish this would be the best summer Of my life. I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't come true my wishes never come true but all I know is that I have a feeling this wish would come true.

Louis POV

I was walking to the market when I saw her, her long brown hair in pony tail swaying as she jogged. I know it seems kind of weird to follow her , but I just know I have to.
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