Down the Street

Jessica is just your average 16 year old girl. but ever since this new kid had moved into a house next door she has had a slight crush on him. They go to different schools but are always seeing eachother around the neighborhood.
One day Jess is riding her bike back home from school. Noticeing an unknown car parked in the drive way. She walkes in the house to see a guy with emerald green eyes and curly brown hair. AKA the boy down the street


2. Shocked

I sat there on my bed with a small smile on my faceI fel a bump from under neath me and got up to see waht it was. It was a sweatshirt. Harry probably left it at my house so I got up and went downstairs. "Mom!' I said

"Yes." she replied. I searched around the house for her then saw her in the kitchen. "Harry left this in my room. I am gonna go to his house and give it back to him." "Okay but be back for dinner. love you!" She said giving me a kiss on the cheek. I grabbed the keys and my phone and then walked out the door. I walked over to harry's house which was about three blocks down. It was a really big house. I walked up the steps onto the porch. I rang the doorbell. And waited there. Until Harry opened the door.

Harry's POV

   I opened the door seeing Jess waiting there. She was really beautiful. With her wavy brown hair cascading over her shoulders and her sparkleing blue eyes. But I cannot love her... "Hey" she said. "hi" I said back. "What brings you here." I said not meaning to sound rude or anything. I looked at what she was holding in her hand. "You left this" she said while handing me my Jack Willis sweatshirt. "thanks" I said "No problem"

   Jess's POV

After I left the house I had a good twenty minutes until i had to get  back home for dinner so I decided to go  to the park across from harry's house. I sat on a park bench and started to listen to some music on my iphone. I looked back at Harry's house. I noticed another girl coming up the steps and she waited bye the door. She turned around then shot me a dirty look. I just ignored her. I saw the door swing open and there was Harry. The girl looked back at me then at Harry. She then did the most sluttiest thing and started kissing him.But it was not like a simple peck on the lips but the complete opposite. I then got up and ran back to my house crying. But why should I care its not liek I am his Girlfriend or anything. I dont know why , but itjust hurt me so much.

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