Down the Street

Jessica is just your average 16 year old girl. but ever since this new kid had moved into a house next door she has had a slight crush on him. They go to different schools but are always seeing eachother around the neighborhood.
One day Jess is riding her bike back home from school. Noticeing an unknown car parked in the drive way. She walkes in the house to see a guy with emerald green eyes and curly brown hair. AKA the boy down the street


4. Posessed

"Hello" Niall said. He was so energetic. You just gotta love this guy. "Hi' I replied. We immediatly clicked. He started telling me about his home town in Mullingar, Ireland. I could tell by his accent he was Irish. I found out a lot about him though and once he starts talking he cant stop. Well except for when Ryan gave him food.  But that is what I actually liek about him. He kept the conversation flowing. He was also really funny. But he was always so loud without a care in the world. Unlike when I was talking to Harry, there was no akward scilence. We then went to see a movie. It was called the Possesion it  was about this little girl about nine years old who got possesed by the devil.

   It was actually REALLY scary. But I felt safe with Niall's arm around me.

Once the movie was over Sky drove me home. I had to say that I was really bummed that this night had to come to an end.

I thanked Sky for everything then opened the door to the house. I walked into the house and took off my shoes then left to put everything away into my closet.I got a new floral print skirt from abercrombie, a new top from forever twentyone, a pair of neon skinny jeans from delia's, and a really cool pair of sunglassese from icing.

   I turned on my phone and realized I had one missed text from Harry:

          Hey Jess did u want 2 go get some pizza.


Whoops too late for that.                                                                                                                


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