Down the Street

Jessica is just your average 16 year old girl. but ever since this new kid had moved into a house next door she has had a slight crush on him. They go to different schools but are always seeing eachother around the neighborhood.
One day Jess is riding her bike back home from school. Noticeing an unknown car parked in the drive way. She walkes in the house to see a guy with emerald green eyes and curly brown hair. AKA the boy down the street


7. Ouch! Thats gonna leave a mark!

I woke up in the morning all excited for some reason. I got up and took a shower letting the hot water relax me. It also woke me up a bit. I got out of the shower an drinse out my hair and blow dried it. i then looked at my calender to see what I had planned for today. Shit it was Monday. I had school. I ran to the kitchen almost falling down the stairs. I made cereal and ate it all so fast I spilled milk on my shirt making a very noticeable stain. I had to run up the stairs to change when I slipped. I then tumbled backwards down the stairs. banging my head hard against the stairs as I fell.


  I woke up in a hospital room. Seeing Harry. he was smiling his adorable smile. "wh-what happened to me Harry?" I asked I tired to sit up but I felt pain so I sat back down."Rest" was all Harry said. and he sung me to sleep.

 I woke up a second time still in the  hospital except Harry wasn't there. There was a nurse though. "what happened?" I asked her. "you fell down the stairs" Well I knowe that!" I said I was acting a bit  rude but I would like to know why I was in so much pain! "Well!" I said. " You fell and tumbled down the stairs. Spraining your ankle and you also cut open your head but the doctors already stitched that up while you were asleep." She said kinda annoyed. I wouldn't blame her though. I wasnt the most exciting person in the universe.

 The nurse walked out of the room and I just kinda sat there for a while bored to death. But then I saw... Niall! He walked in with a bouquet of roses in his hands. "Hey beautiful" he said in the most adorable irish accent. My life just then got 100% better!            <3<3<3

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