Down the Street

Jessica is just your average 16 year old girl. but ever since this new kid had moved into a house next door she has had a slight crush on him. They go to different schools but are always seeing eachother around the neighborhood.
One day Jess is riding her bike back home from school. Noticeing an unknown car parked in the drive way. She walkes in the house to see a guy with emerald green eyes and curly brown hair. AKA the boy down the street



I texted Harry back:

Sorry didn't c the message til now how bout we go 4 pizza 2marrow?!


I got a text from Harry a minute later saying:

   Sounds great c u then love


  I then changed into my PJs and went to bed.

I woke up the next morning at 11:50. I was suppose to be meeting Harry at the pizza place at 12. I washed my face and put on some light pink eyeshadow and a bit of mascara. I then threw on a white sundress from American Eagle and grabbed my phone and house keys. i texted:

         READY! b @ ur house in a few.



 I walked to Harry's house and rang the bell. He opened the door. "Hello, love." He said. He eas wearing jeans and his JACK WILLIS  sweatshirt.

"So where do u want to go to eat?" I asked him.

"Hmmm do you like Nandos?" Harry said

"Who doesnt" I said in reply.


    We got in his car and drove to Nandos. Nandos is close by. Maybe about a 15 minute drive from Harry's house. We arrived to see Ryan and Niall sitting at a table. Niall called out to us "Hey Jess over here." Harry and I walked over to where they were sitting and took a seat. Ryan reached over to grab a piece of chicken from Niall's plate when Niall's hand swatted it away. "OW!" Ryan cried out reaching for another piece, but again Niall swatted his hand away. And not much later  we were all trying to grab some chicken. But I have to admit it Niall does have pretty good reflexes.

   Niall then got up from his seat and moved over to another table. We decided to let the boy have his food. We all ordered our food but Harry was being very polite and ordered for me.

   By the time our food arrived we were starved. We all started to eat when Niall  came back with his tray empty. "I am still hungry" Niall said he then put his plate down and grabbed mine. "Thanks Jess!" Niall said grabbing my plate. "No thank you!" I said grabbing it back. Niall playfully stuck his tounge at me. And  I was more than happy to stick mine at him.


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