Down the Street

Jessica is just your average 16 year old girl. but ever since this new kid had moved into a house next door she has had a slight crush on him. They go to different schools but are always seeing eachother around the neighborhood.
One day Jess is riding her bike back home from school. Noticeing an unknown car parked in the drive way. She walkes in the house to see a guy with emerald green eyes and curly brown hair. AKA the boy down the street


9. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          When I woke up I was in my normal bedroom. I got out of bed but when I put pressure on my foot it really hurt. I got back in bed and i saw a note attached to the bouquette of flowers Niall gave me. I read it.

It said:

          Hey Jess your parents told me what happened i hope you feel better. When you do ring me. maybe we could get a cup of tea or something this week



Awww so sweet of him to do something like that. Awwwwwwwwww!!! I need to ring him!! but my phone is so far away.. WOW I am so stupid! I grabbed the crutches by my bed table and started to walk-limp.I grabbed my phone. WOW again I am so stupid! I dont even have his flippin number! I walked-limped and grabbed the note. I checked to see if he left his number on here or something. Nope. I felt bad that I couldn't text him but I mean you can't blame me if I dont have his number!

          I put my phone on vibrate and went to go downstairs. Damn, this was hard! I was trying to get down the stairs causiously but I didn't want to be 50 by the time I reached the kitchen.

         I checked the time. It was exactly12:00. I grabbed a jar of nutell from the top shelf-an advantage from being tall- and I warmed up some toast. when it was done I spread the nutella on the bread. I was hungryer than I thought because I ate really fast. I washed my hands. And I struggled to get upsatirs to my room. This was so hard.

I finally reached my room to see my phone vibrate. I picked it up. "HEY" I said. "Hello" I heard a voice reply. "Who is this?" I asked. "this is Harry." "Oh hi harry! Whats up!?"I said "Are you doing anything today?" "Nope nothing"i said. "did you want to hang out at my place?" "SURE!" I said back. then he hanged up. what no 'goodbye have a nice day' ?!?!?



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