The girl That works at the music store

Megan is an ordanairy 18 year old.She works at a music store in London England, ( she moved there from calfornia when she was 17). So One day one direction come to the music store tO get a guitar fixed and to buy supplies and zayn Malik falls for her.


2. Meeting the girl at the music store

Zayns pov When I walked into a music store with the other band mates to get a guitar fixed and buy some supplies I saw a girl stepping out of the back room and she was gorgous. She had Golden hair that fell perfectly into place. She totally rocked a pair of black skinny jeans, heels, a shirt that said the bealtes on it and a beanie. I had fallen In love. Hi how can I help you? She asked me Um we have a guitar that's been makeing a weird noise I say Let me see it She said. I handed her the guitar and she strummed it. Thats the noise it's been makeing! Said Harry Okay the problem is that it needs to be restrung said the girl. See I told you zayn! Yelled niall. I just scratched the back of my neck with embarrassment. So do you want it to be restrung? Asked the girl. Sure! I exclaimed smileing. Oh wow I was acting like a goofball in front of her. Ok it might take awhile so do you want to just drop it off and pick it up later? asked the girl. Sure! Do you know what time it'll be ready? I asked. Um about 3pm so come by around then said the girl smileing. Great see you then I say as I walked out. Mate you like her don't you? Said Louis Hmm? Who? What girl? I ask nervously You know the girl that helped you. Said Louis smileing I don't even know her name I say. Well then go ask her said Louis. I slowly walked into the store again and saw the other girl standing there. Hi how can I- wernt you just here? She asked. Yes I was but you know the other girl That helped me? I ask Yeah said the other girl. can I talk to her? I ask you just missed her she went on her brake. Said the other girl Oh do you know where she went? I ask Try the food court said the girl Thanks I say and I dashed to the food Court. There she was the girl from the music store looking beautiful while sitting in a cafe...

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