The girl That works at the music store

Megan is an ordanairy 18 year old.She works at a music store in London England, ( she moved there from calfornia when she was 17). So One day one direction come to the music store tO get a guitar fixed and to buy supplies and zayn Malik falls for her.


3. at the cafe

megan's pov
i was at a little cafe in the mall near the music store and was at a little table writeing some songs when i saw a shadow. i slowly looked up and saw the guy that was at the music store a few minutes ago. he scared me so bad that i screamed.
oh im sorry did i scare you? he asked.
yeah you did i say quickly closeing my book.
wernt you at the music store i work at a few minutes ago? i ask.
yeah i was i saw you from a distance and i thought id say hi said the guy
oh i say
im zayn by the way said the guy holding his hand out
nice to meet you zayn im megan i say
so you like the beatles? zayn asked
yeah there amazing i say
i notice that you dont have a british accent said zayn
oh yeah im actually from california but i moved her with my parents when i was 17 and when i turned 18 my parents decided to move back and then my friend moved out here and now we share an apartment i say.
wow it mustive been hard said zayn.
yeah it was i say
we began to talk about random stuff and i found out that he was from bradford and he had only sisters. then i began to ask him a question that i have been dieing to know.
um zayn you sound really familiar to me are you in a band or something? i ask
yes i am megan,i cant believe you didnt realize it tell now said zayn
well when the blonde one said your name it sounded familer i say
yeah thats niall and our band is one direction said zayn
yeah my friend who has a little sister loves you guys i say
well we love our fans said zayn smileing
i checked the time and it had already been an hour i had to get back to work
i gotta go i say standing up
wait do you want to go out sometime said zayn
yeah that would be cool i say smileing
lets switch phone numbers he says takeing his phone out.
i took my phone out and handed it to him and he did the same.
later zayn i say
i just saw him smile and a put his hands in his pockets
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