Not everything blossoms in spring

Sarah Hall: normal, average, typical Australian girl.
Travel with me through some of the ups and downs of my own life. As each week goes by you can live through the australian spring, hatred of people and romance with me, myself and I.


3. week 2 of holidays

So I had a good day on thursday. I went swimming with some friends of mine. But then out kf nowhere, riley turns up. I mean, GO AWAY. I wanted to have a day where I didnt havr to try and impress him. But he didnt look at me, talk to me, nor acknowledge I was there. Wtf is with that? I mean, a simple HELLO isnt too hard is it?

So today, I realised, I have so many verbal fights with so many people. I have now decided to creat a burn book. So far so good. I have filled up 2 pages already. So many skanks deserve to be in the book<3

Comment what you think of my week. Hate it? Comment. Love it? Comment. Oh and a special thnks to all my readers. Xx
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