Not everything blossoms in spring

Sarah Hall: normal, average, typical Australian girl.
Travel with me through some of the ups and downs of my own life. As each week goes by you can live through the australian spring, hatred of people and romance with me, myself and I.


2. Week 1 of Holidays

Omg omg. So let me tell you what happened Saturday. I was at my besties bday party and I was sitting next to my good friend Lucas. His amazing, someone I can always talk to. Anyway, riley "the guy I have a massive crush on and he knows and thinks I am really annoying" anyway, he came up and sat on the armrest next to lucas. Lucas left after a while and my friend told me to move over so she could sit down. So by this point I was right next to RILEY!!!!! Okay so we got talking and pointing out peoole flirting then he put his arm around meeeeee argggghhhhhh. I was shaking and blushing and ermerrgerd. Yeah :)

Tuesday: I hate holidays. They suck monkey balls. No one wants to hang with me and the bus is full of pedos. So I cant hang at the shops.
My friend chloe had to call of us meeting up. My 1 year old cousin and his mum got hit by a car. hey are alright :(
Did a few things. Met up with my amazing cousin and auntie. Had a great day. Came home and pigged out on choccies
Friday. Fuck today. I am bored as.fuuuck cant do anything!! Raining :(
Saturday. Hawkies in the finals :D of course, we lost.
Sunday: bored out of my mind. All I can think about is HIM. "riley" I think I need better friends :(
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