Not everything blossoms in spring

Sarah Hall: normal, average, typical Australian girl.
Travel with me through some of the ups and downs of my own life. As each week goes by you can live through the australian spring, hatred of people and romance with me, myself and I.


1. A bit about me.

Sunday September 23rd
I don't like people. Personally I hate them. See I used to be a nerd. You know, one of those stereotypic ones with the glasses, pimples and high pants. Anway, now that I have changed from all that and have become and average girl, everybody that used to.tease me, thinks they can be my friends.
It's late on a Sunday afternoon. Springtime, the flowers are out, the birds are chirping. As I write this I am sitting in my bedroom with the raYdio on listening to australias favourite songs. They annoy me, they are played atleast 3 times every hour on every station. But its music, something I can get lost in and dream with the lyrics and beat. Exactly one month after my birthday and I still fell like I am in year 5. Except different
Year 5 : Teased. Year 7: yes
Year 5: glasses. Yr 7: yes
Yr 5: biggest crush
On someone who Yr 7: yes yes yes
Will never go out with

5 no friends 7 heaps
5 UGLY 7 average
5 crush on 7 crush on 2
one guy
5 noticed by 7 notices by year 10s
No one

Describing my life in a story is hard. So here goes
Name: sarah hall Age: 13 Relationship status: Single Grades: great Behaviour :Talker

Tall, long straight brown, orange and blonde hair. Hazel eyes. Freckles on my nose. Pink lips, big ears, small boobs and an average ass.

Each week I will.update this TRUE story can travel with me through my ups and downs as they happen <3
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