School starts .I havent still seen him,he comes back with the truth or maybe just a lie . Will we end up together or just never speak to each other again?


3. lies or truth?

The only class we dont have together is 7th period .Im glad cause now i can focus on my work ,but even though I want to stop thinking about him ...i cant stop.  I just rememberd i was supposted to meet up with  Zayn so we could go to his house. Im nervous on what he is going to say ,or what hes going to tell me . But at the same time i have so many questions to ask him .Like how was your tour , are fans crazy,what was the most exciting place youve been to?Its hard to keep calm when your a major Directioner ,every time i see him my heart starts beating so fast, i dont know why cause im still really upset with him .

"Rrrringg"the last bell rang for us to leave school. I jumped up from my seat to try to aviod Zayn in the halls but I didnt win ,his class was right next to mine. he ran out of the class room at the same exact moment i did and catched up with me .He said "so trying to run from me already?" with a hurt tone of voice .I said with a little attitude in my tone "what do you want?!" .He looked at me for a second ,grabed my hand and rushed me into his limo. He told the driver "you know the place "with his perfect british accent .I screamed "where are you taking me !!??" He never answerd my question, i looked out of the window and saw people stare-ing at are limo while it passed .I texted my mom so she woudnt worry where i was ,after doing that i looked out of the window again and saw our old field where we ustue sneak out and hang out there for hours .It gave me so many memories. I  looked at Zayn ,he looked at me straight in my eyes i turned away .He finally said somthing "were here " it was the old icecream shop where we met up every Sunday for free sundays .I was about to open my door but Zayn rushed over to open my door for me .He opend the door while he said "my ladie " i blushed so hard but i tried to hide it ,because i reminded my self i was mad at him . I said" thank you " with a sharp tone , then he tried to grab my hand but I regected .We walked in the shop and had a seat .

The waitress came over ,she knew both me and Zayn.Its been years !!she said while smiling at me and Zayn with the warmest glow. I smiled and answerd "yeah it has" while glaring at Zayn. Zayn just smiled ,them the Waitress ask Zayn how was he and his career going .He answerd ,they talked for about 5 minets then she appoligized and ask what we are going to order. He orderd mint chocalate chip sundays for the both of us ,he knew it was my favorite .

(Zayns POV) I know shes mad at me ,I need to find a way to apoligize 'Quick'."Deni" I said . "Yeah?" she answerd with not even a grin. I thought hard on what to say and i think i can finally tell her ."Um Deni ,i want to appoligize for not speaking to you all this time i was gone ,i know you probaly hate me right now.The reason I never spoke to you was beacause ....I love you .

(DeniPOV) I love you ,it just rang in my ears over and over, i was crazy Mad .I screamed "if you loved me you would of told me that 3 years ago or at least say good bye !!"He looked at me with tears in his eyes ,and said "i never knew i loved you till i really needed you ,i had your number but i texted it everyday and no answer ,what was that about??!!"he said in a tone that hurt me ..bad . Then i suddenly rememberd when i got my new number i never texted him my new one,it was just a week after he left .It was my falt ,this hole time .He probaly needed me for so many things and i wasent there . I thought this hole time he forgot about me ,What i jerk i has been . I replied "Zayn please forgive me ". i couldnt hold it in i ran into the girls bathroom ,and cried .I herd a nock not even a minet after me leaving the table. It was Zayn telling me to get out of there .




What you think guys good or still boring ? or is it hard to read? :)

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