School starts .I havent still seen him,he comes back with the truth or maybe just a lie . Will we end up together or just never speak to each other again?


2. he's back?

My freinds come and tell me that supposaly Zayns going to be back here at school.I freak in the inside and dont know what to say , i say oh  wow thats cool and try to act normal .Julia comes at me with full force of questions like, when did Zayn go to this school  and arnt you dieing right now of excitement like he is your favorite from One Direction ?! i tell here yes and i try to keep it simple by telling her we were best freind for like forever but he left without even saying bye and i think he already forgot about me .she replys ohh. i say yeaah ,it got a little oquard and sielent but after that she says "what ever his loss" . we both laugh till we hear the school bell ring ,we check our schedual to see if we have the same classes we only have two of them its 2nd and 3rd but we have the same lunch , im happy .

i go to my first period to find my other really good friend Tia we have rows in the class room so we try to sit close together .We sit down talk about our summer even though we texted like every day .The teacher came a little late beacuase he said we have a new student .we all wait to see who it is , it turns out to be the one and only Zayn Malik .Zayn walks in the class room and notices me and just looks me straight in the eye . i look away ,hopefully he gets the hint im mad at him .The teacher sits Zayn right next to me and tells me to help him around the school cause we both have the same excact schedual. I feel like dieing ,why me ,why out of all this girls in this school its me .

Zayn tries to speak to me during class but i shhh him cause the teacher was speaking but mostly i dont know how to speak to him again .He poks my arm i look in his direction and we both stare into each others eyes ,today his eyes were almost the same exact color of mine a warm honeysuckle that makes you hipnotized .i look away cause ino hes probaly just playing with me .the bell rings i try to run but the teacher calls me out and reminds me i have to help Zayn .

Zayn walks next to me ,its silent for a while . Then he speaks ,Deni? Yea i answer .Are you mad at me ,i know you are sorry .i want to fully apoligize to you ,after school k? he says with truth writen all over his beautiful face . I tell him maybe . he smiles gently and we walk to 2nd period.

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