School starts .I havent still seen him,he comes back with the truth or maybe just a lie . Will we end up together or just never speak to each other again?


1. first day of school

Deni!!!!!! its time to wake up ,dont wanna be late for school! my mom yells from downstairs .

Just to think yesterday was the last day of summer .i slowly get out from bed ,cold and already miss the warmness of the sheets. Now i have to look for chlothing to wear ,i decide on a light blue tie-die crop-top with dark navy blue skinny jeans with white high top convers . I leave my long thin dark brown hair down .I ware makeup but only eyeliner and maskara on my honysuckle eyes .Im alittle excited to see old friends but i cant stand thinking about school somtimes cause it reminds me of him.

I go down stairs ,my mom tells me to grab a umbrella cause it might rain .Thats the only bad thing about London its almost always raining .I meet up at the bus stop with my friend Julie every morning  .I walk to to the bus stop while i see a limo pass by it reminds me of my old best freind Zayn he left 3 years ago to the X-factor and got all famous and forgot about his best friend that was there till the end didnt even email or text me not once ,and i dont think he even said bye .

Even though im mad at Zayn i still love him and his group One Direction .Me and my freind Julia love all of them ,its hard to think the guy i loved has forgotton all about me even though i shoud probaly be in his memories cause i was like always there when he needed someone to talk to or help with somthing .

Im almost at the bus stop when i see Julia running towards me .She screams "OMG HAVE YOU HERD ONE DIRECTIONS NEW SONG ?!" i laugh hard till i almost feel tears comming out of my eyes then finally answer yes .I never toled her that me and Zayn were best freinds ,but she knew i liked him .Julia pulls out her black iphone 5s and plays WMYB honesly i love the song to death .I pull out my white iphone 5s and play LWWY ,she freaks out and ask how i got the song already even thoe its not on itunes yet .i tell her im watching the video .we both laugh hard till me see the bus pull up .

We bouth climb on to the bus and look for a seat we sit almost all the way in the back .We sit down so far i see the same people on the bus from last year ,we all greet each other and ask how are summer was .After talking to everyone and catching up on whats new were almost at school. evryone ask if im planning to be on the cheer team agian i tell them maybe.we get off the bus and mu group of friends that i always hang out with come running at me .they finally reach me and tell me that is supposaly really important .

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