School starts .I havent still seen him,he comes back with the truth or maybe just a lie . Will we end up together or just never speak to each other again?


5. Dating for sure

I wake up to a text its Zayn " hey babe ,the boys want to meet at starbucks is that okay?;im going to pick you up at 12:00 am ". I replied "babe?lol okay thanks for the text ,see you soon love xD".I looked at the time it was 10:30 am ,i have anoff time to get ready kind of . I look thrue my closet with the thought of Zayn ,i didnt know what to wear .But i decided on  a black crop-top with a blue jean jacket and blue jean shorts with gold studs .My jewlery that i wore were gold bow earings with a matching necklace. My shoes i wore were black and gold sandles .then it was time for my face .I put gold eyeliner and a bit of maskera ,then for my hair i put it in a high pony tail with a black and gold bow .i was finally ready and just in time it was 11:45 .

i went down stairs to see what my mom would think of my chothing ,but she wasent the only person there .Zayn was sitting there with her on the kitchen chairs having a deep conversation .I just walked in the kitchen natrally to see what would happen .I walked in and the first thing i see Zayn do is smile .I say "a bit early huh?"with a giggle . we laugh then my mom ask "so you and Zayn are dating?" my eyes widen i look at Zayn .i reply "well at first i said maybe but since its a second i think ill be nice and say ...yes ". Zayn looks at me with a smile that made my insides melt .My mom replys "awwwee how cute i always knew you two were going to be together . me and Zayn just smile at each other then he says "well we dont want to keep the boys waiting ". my mom tells us to be care full and drive safely .

I walk out of my house to see Zayns beautilful car .It was a black Bentley Continetal GT ,"a beautiful car for a beautiful boy "i wisper.He laughs and replys "haha.. this car isnt compared to your beautie" i blush till i feel my skin boil i reply with a "well thank you handsome" We hope in the car and he puts on the radio and LWWY was on he was about to change it but i was like " um no keep it on " with wide eyes . he laughs and says" i love being with you " at that moment in time i felt so speacial like how can this be possible .I know we were best freinds but he has loved me for three years yeah he has had girl friends but they didnt last longer than 6 mounths .Like how has he fell for me ?

We drove in the car for about 20 minets till we got there ,he said "now dont let any of the boys steel you away from me; k?" i laugh" its gonna be really hard if they try to do that ,and i think about it they know that im yours " he responds with a truee . He opens my door as ushual and grabs my hand and intertwinds his finers with mine .We walk in to Starbucks holding hands and the 6 first things i see is Hary,Liam ,Louie,Niall,cameras ,and a hole bunch of fans .Alll of the boys come and give me a hug but before we can even talk Louie yells over the screaming fans "were gonna have to meet up at my place " Zayn nods and replys "okay "

We walk out of Star bucks even though weve been in there for like 2 minets .Zayn is still holding my hand but grasping it a little harder when we try to get passed the popperazi ,fans ,directioners ,and questions like "are you dating Zayn ?" that what everybody was asking and if they wernt they were trying to get photos with the boys . Zayn didnt let go even when he took a photo with a fan  he gided me thrue the mob and sat me in the car . We both buckle are seat belts . "Sorry about that love " he says . i could tell he was a little embaressed cause if somthing bad were to happen in a acation like that he wouldnt be able to help .i reply "babe its okay there fans and if you didnt know me i would of been in that croud too" he smiles ,i smile back . He drives me to Louies house 

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