School starts .I havent still seen him,he comes back with the truth or maybe just a lie . Will we end up together or just never speak to each other again?


4. confessions

I tell Zayn "I cant face you i feel horrible; i blamed everything on you when every thing was really my fault".He replys with a soft tone "Deni its okay ,just get out of there so you can tell why everything is your fault love; k?" Okay I say trying to hold in the tears. I get up from the harsh cold tile floor and look at my self in the mirror .I fix the runny make up that fell from my tears and walk out of the bathroom .I saw Zayn looking amazayn as always,to me he was always beautiful even before he was famous. Zayn saw me and smiled gently. I sit down carefully ,i look at my suroundings,i saw melted sundays. I looked at Zayn and said "sorry about the sundays " with a sad tone in my voice. He replys "its no problem ;it gives us another reason to come back "then after that it was alittle quiet but he broke the silence ."So um Deni ,why is it your fault ?" i answerd "um well after a week when you left for the X-Factor ,My phone broke so i had to get a new one but with that they gave me a new cell phone number". he nods . "Then I just never texted you cause i thought i would be a bother . Zayn replys "Deni that was a stupid conclusion ;im sorry but it is ,why would you think you would bother me, like you are my best friend .I love you ,and partly its my fault too ;i shoud of tryd to email or like get in contact with you in other ways" .We both looked at each other ,i guess we made up .Im happy now .I say to Zayn "um so wanna come over my house my mom would love to see since its been a while ?". "alright he says "with his dashing smile of his .we both get up from our seats ,Zayn grabs my hips and twirls me around to face him ;he kisses my forehead and says "you dont know how long ive been wanting to do this ". I blush a rosy red all over my face and say "oh really ?" teasing him . Just not 5 minets ago we were fighting and now what are we ?. We walk out of the ice cream shop and head over to the limo .He opens my door lets me in first then he slides in with me . Zayn ask "so ,um ...are we dating ?" I didnt know how to reply.

"Um well i dont know Zayn we just got together and we havent spoke or seen each other in fovever .Maybe once we settle down and stuff ;k? i said softly. I freaked out when he asked me,i am a directioner so it was hard to say no ,well it wasent really a no it was like more of a maybe?... i love him.

(Zayns pov) So she said maybe ?I love her so much , my feeling for her havent changend since i left .But shes right its been 3 years ,alot has happend over the three years and i wonder if she is a fan of One Direction ?

(Deni pov) i hope he understands ,well i think he knows ."Zayn "i ask ."yes ?" he replys . "um i missed you alot and your probaly wondering if i like One Direction right ? "yes ,its lik you read my mind ;oh and the boys are going to want to meet you ; i toled them alot about you ...sorry "he says with a grin .i reply to him "to tell you the truth im a huge directioner ,i basically know almost everything about you guys ;and im am sooo excited to meet them !" 

Zayn tells me that were going to meet them friday .Wich is tommorow ,and i dont know what to wear .Suddenly (i dont know why )i got really nervous to meet them .Zayn always knew if i am nervous or scared ."um Deni ,are you okay ?"he says with a gentle smile that relaxes me alittle more . "im okay im just scared that im not what they are expecting ." he laughs "Deni ,i toled you they no almost everything ,you have your own little fans ". Zayn made me feel 10x better ,i could feel my self calm down .

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