In Love With My Brother's Best Friend.

"This is going to be the best summer ever." Lexi beamed. Her smile was bright and warm. All the boys looked at her as if she was an angel. Niall's expression on his face wasn't as happy as his sister's. He knew the boys would flirt with her and he didn't want any other boy to break her heart.
"She's off limits, boys." Niall said, making all of them snap their heads in his direction. Lexi rolled her eyes at how protective her brother is. "It's okay, Niall. They seem nice." she said, smirking at all of them. All the boys, except Niall, smiled at her. Niall just grabbed Lexi's bags, and walked away.
Lexi was Niall Horan's sister. She was staying at his beach house for five weeks. That means she's going to be living with five boys for a while. She thought it might be fun to go, but she didn't know what drama and heartbreak came ahead.


2. Lovin' The Curls, Styles.

We all sat around the living room area, watching something on TV. "You know what's weird. I didn't get to catch any of your guys' names." I said, laughing nervously. They all laughed silently. "I'm Harry." the curly boy said first. He had the cutest smile plastered on his face. "I'm Zayn" the black-ish haired one said afterwards. He had his eyes glued on the TV. I rolled my eyes and laughed. "I'm Louis!" one of the brown haired ones cheered loudly. I had to cover my ears cause he yelled so loud. This boy is loud. "I'm Liam." the other brown haired one told me. He sounded so sweet. 

"Now, that you know all their names.. Shhh." Niall said, pressing his finger on my lips. I rolled my eyes, which made all the boys laugh, even Niall. 


I was sitting on the couch, texting my best friend. "Hey." I heard someone's voice behind me. I jumped slightly and turned around. "Harry, you scared me!" I said, throwing a pillow at him. He laughed and dodged the pillow. 

"Sorry. Didn't mean to." Harry told me, plopping himself next to me. "Who you texting?" He looked over at my phone, trying to see who I was talking to. I yanked my hand away. "My best friend." I told him. He nodded his head. 

There was silence for a while. It was a bit awkward. So, I decided to speak. "Lovin' the curls, Styles." I said, playing with his hair. He laughed silently and turned his head to me. "Thanks." he said, smiling. There was silence again. But this time we were both staring at each other. I felt my stomach flip. This boy had an affect on me, but why? I just met him. Plus, he's my brother's best friend. I can't love my brother's best friend!

"Uhh." I said, breaking the silence. He turned away from me. "I better go to bed." I said, standing up. As I was walking off, I could hear footsteps behind me. "Wait.." someone said. I turned and saw Harry standing behind me. I nodded my head, telling him to speak. "Goodnight." he said, smiling. I smiled and laughed slightly. "Night." I said quietly. He kissed my forehead softly and went back to the couch. I smiled to myself and walked to my room.


"Wake up!" someone yelled in my ear. My eyes shot open and I saw a happy Louis in my face. "Yay, your up! Now, get down stairs. The boys and I are planning what to do today and we need your help." he told me. As he left the room, I let out a small grunt and shot out of my bed. I grabbed my robe and ran downstairs. 

"Lexi, your up!" Harry said, running towards me. He grabbed me and picked me up. He span me around for a bit. I laughed as he put me down. "Someone's happy to see someone." Niall said, behind Harry. I rolled my eyes. "I missed him too, Niall." I said, smiling. All the boys made a 'oooo' noise as Harry hugged me once again. "These two should date." I heard Louis say. I roll my eyes and laugh at his comment.

Harry let go of me and smiled. "So, are you two love birds done hugging?" Zayn asked. Everyone laughed, except for me, Harry, and Niall. "We're not love birds!" I said, making air quotes as I said "love birds". Niall got up. "It sure seems like it."  he said, before walking into the kitchen.

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