In Love With My Brother's Best Friend.

"This is going to be the best summer ever." Lexi beamed. Her smile was bright and warm. All the boys looked at her as if she was an angel. Niall's expression on his face wasn't as happy as his sister's. He knew the boys would flirt with her and he didn't want any other boy to break her heart.
"She's off limits, boys." Niall said, making all of them snap their heads in his direction. Lexi rolled her eyes at how protective her brother is. "It's okay, Niall. They seem nice." she said, smirking at all of them. All the boys, except Niall, smiled at her. Niall just grabbed Lexi's bags, and walked away.
Lexi was Niall Horan's sister. She was staying at his beach house for five weeks. That means she's going to be living with five boys for a while. She thought it might be fun to go, but she didn't know what drama and heartbreak came ahead.


3. "I Don't Know. He Just Seems.. Nice?"

The boys finally decided that we were going to an amusement park. Perfect, somewhere to get my hair messed up. Oh, who cares. I'm with five pigs, no ones going to care!

We were all in Harry's car. Harry was driving, of course. Me, Niall, and Liam were in the car too. Zayn and Louis decided to take Louis' car. This was my chance to ask Niall what's wrong. 

"Niall..." I mumbled. He turned his head to me and gave me a smile. Fake. "You alright? You've been acting different these past few days." I whispered, making sure that Liam and Harry can't hear. 

Niall shook his head. "You won't understand." he told me. He turned back the the window and sighed. 

"Niall." I grabbed his shoulder to make him turn to me. "I know you. Your my brother! I know when your upset. Now, tell me what's wrong." I whispered. 

"It's Harry." 

Harry? I thought. What? How does Harry get into this? I made a 'o' shape with my mouth. "Wait.. What? What happened between you two?" I asked. Niall shook his head. 

"I told you. You won't understand." he said, turning back to the window. "I give up." I mumbled as I looked in front of me. 

The car stopped. "We're here!" Harry yelled. I laughed at how stupid he sounded. Niall shot me a look. 'What?' I mouthed. He shook his head. 


Me and Liam were walking around, while the rest of the boys were riding the roller coaster. "You like Harry, don't you Lexi?" Liam said. I stopped looking around and put all of my attention to him. What did he say? "What? You think I like Harry..?" I said, lowering my voice on the last part. 

He laughed and shook his head. "I don't think.. I know." he told me. I laughed nervously. "Whatever, Liam." I muttered. I started to look around again, but Liam stopped me. He grabbed my shoulder and stopped walking.

"Stop acting like you don't, Lex. We all can see you do." he told me. I bit my lip, starting to feel embarrassed. They know, I thought. I shook my head. "Yeah. Maybe I do." I mumbled. Liam's face lit up. He jumped up and down once. "You really do?" he asked me. I just nodded. 

We started walking again. "So.. Why do you like him?" Liam asked me. I shrugged. I actually didn't know. I guess there was just something about him that just.. different. 

"I don't know. He just seems.. Nice?" 

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