In Love With My Brother's Best Friend.

"This is going to be the best summer ever." Lexi beamed. Her smile was bright and warm. All the boys looked at her as if she was an angel. Niall's expression on his face wasn't as happy as his sister's. He knew the boys would flirt with her and he didn't want any other boy to break her heart.
"She's off limits, boys." Niall said, making all of them snap their heads in his direction. Lexi rolled her eyes at how protective her brother is. "It's okay, Niall. They seem nice." she said, smirking at all of them. All the boys, except Niall, smiled at her. Niall just grabbed Lexi's bags, and walked away.
Lexi was Niall Horan's sister. She was staying at his beach house for five weeks. That means she's going to be living with five boys for a while. She thought it might be fun to go, but she didn't know what drama and heartbreak came ahead.


4. Don't Run Away From The Truth

I sat on my bed. I kept thinking about that time me and Harry sat on that couch together, staring in each others eyes. My heart kept racing because of it. I was really falling for this idiot. As I laid down, voices rang through my head. 

"Lovin' the curls, Styles."


I slapped my head, trying to get the memory out. "Having fun hitting your head?" someone asked. I jumped and stood up slightly. It was Harry. He was smirking stupidly at me. "Yeah, of course I am." I said sarcastically. We both laughed. Images rang through my head as I looked at Harry.

"Goodnight" Harry said.

"Night." I said. He kissed my head softly and walked away.

I stopped laughing and groaned. "You okay?" Harry asked me. I just nodded. He looked at me like he knew something was up. I felt like he was my best friend. He could see right through me, we laughed at everything, and we loved to hang out with each other. 

"No, your not." he sat down next to me. "Tell me what's wrong." I looked at his face. He seemed so concerned. This was why I like him. He's just so caring. Like Niall. "I can't." was all I could choke out. Harry seemed confused now. I laid back on my bed and groaned. "I just, can't tell you, alright?" I said. He nodded and laid back also. 

My heart started racing again. Just being in his presence made me feel like this. I kept thinking. Of everything. Anything that could pop up in my brain. Then something came up. Niall's voice. 

"Don't run away from the truth."

I nodded. "That's true." I whispered to myself. I turned to Harry, who was staring at the ceiling. "Harry.." I muttered under my breath. He turned to me and smiled. Oh, that smile. It just kills me every time. I returned the smile, but got serious again. "I need to tell you something." I said, stuttering at parts. Harry nodded. "Yeah?" he said. "I...."

Zayn walked in, interrupting me. "Sorry. Didn't mean to ruin the moment. I'll leave." he said, backing out of the room awkwardly. I laughed silently, so did Harry. "So, what I was saying was.." I started, but Harry interrupted me. "Before you say anything, I want to do something. Something that I've wanted to do since I've met you." he said. I nodded. 

Harry's face came closer to mine. Butterflies started to fly in my stomach. His lips brushed up against mine. Before anything happened, he smiled. Then he pressed his soft lips on mine. I ended up kissing back. Harry smiled in the kiss before pulling away. "That was it, I'm guessing?" I asked, smiling. He nodded while smiling like an idiot. 

He wasn't the only one smiling like an idiot though. I was too. 





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