It's Everything About You <3 (A Niall Horan FanFic)

Anabeth Reyes is just the normal 18 year old that is the HUGEST DIRECTIONER OF ALL TIME ! When she enters a 1D comp. She will be surprised by the results..


1. 1D comp

A month ago, I entered myself into a 1D competition because I'm a MASSIVE DIRECTIONER! I love all of them, especially Nialler <333 yes I know they got like millions of entry's and what's the luck of me winning it ? Well let's just hope for the best. Ok here goes the story.
"Anabeth! Wake up!!" Mom says with a excited look on her face. "I'm up I'm up, what is it?" I said, half asleep with my eyelids controlling me , they fall down and that's when my eyes bolt straight open, when my mom said "YOU WON THE ONE DIRECTION CONTEST!!!" and I said "WHAT!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMGOMG OMG OMG SO WHEN ARE THEY COMING?!?!?!" I technically yell in happiness, "It's saying they are coming May 26, WHICH IS TODAY!" she says and I'm freaking out and FanGirling so much like you wouldnt believe. I run to my iPad and go on twitter and type "OMMMMIIGOSH I WON THE ONE DIRECTION CONTEST AHSISGAIJSIDHUSHDMF!!" Tweet Sent. Ah, I just start jumping so much with happiness and just keep on FanGirling. Ok I gotta get ready, so I walk into my closet and pick out a pair of grey pre-ripped skinny jeans, a LOVE sideshirt with a red tank top under, and some Black, white, and red Jordans Flight 4 (I'm obsessed with toms, converse, vans, and Jordan's) ok now I head to the bathroom to put the clothes on, then I get my curler out and start curling my hair like bouncy curly, then apply lip gloss and 1 coat of mascara and I'm done :) This is going to be the best day ever
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