The secrets of the future mrs. tomlinson

So like this is a random story that i'm making as i go along! and so its about a girl named Alex, who is best friends with the boys of one direction (who r not famous). But Alex has some secrets. She's a vampire and she's a wizard. But what happens when some evil vampires want her and maybe even her friends dead. Read on to find out...


3. Loulex

I woke up on Niall's shoulder about 20 minutes later. He fell asleep too and he was now drooling all over my couch. I carefully got up without waking Niall. I searched the house for Lou. He was in my step-dad, Brett's room. Brett is on a business trip and should be back in the next few days. "Lou what's up?" i asked as i walked over to where he was sitting on the floor. 

"Nothing, Alex, everything's dandy, why do you ask?" he asked full of sarcasm. 

"Okay, then i guess i'll just leave you alone", i said as i got up and started walking. 

"NO!" Lou shouted. I turned around. "Don't leave" he whispered. I walked back over to him.

"Are you going to tell me what's wrong now?" i asked. He just nodded. He opened his mouth to say something but he quickly shut it and looked at the ground. I took his hand, which is normal considering we have been best friends since middle school. 

"You know you can tell me anything right?" i said looking into his eyes. He looked back into mine. 

"It's just that... just that..." Lou started. I waited a few seconds.

"What Lou?" 

"I LOVE YOU, OKAY!?" he yelled before getting up and running out of the room. I just sat there confused at what just happened. The main thing that confused me was that i think i feel the same way.



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